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2014 Fantasy Baseball: Brett Talley’s Catcher Projections

I had planned on using a mixture of projection systems like Steamer, ZiPS, the Fan projections from Fangraphs and maybe a few other systems this year to do my projections and rankings. But I’ve recently been going through the positions and comparing Steamer’s projections to ADP, and I’ve found that I disagree with Steamer too often to rely on someone else’s projections. And so I’m just going to bite the bullet and go through the process of doing my own projections.

We’re starting off today with catcher rankings, and I’ll post the other positions as I finish them. Once completed, I’ll run the projections through the Zach Sanders model for ranking players and give you a full complement of projections, both positional and overall, complete with auction values for various leagues formats.

One quick note on the projections: they’re obviously a bit optimistic, particularly in the way of playing time. I project everyone based on the number of plate appearances I think they would get given the situation they appear to be in at this point and without factoring in too much injury risk.

Going forward, these projections will be available only to our Front Office members. But I thought I’d give everyone a sneak peek today. You can become a front office member and get our 2014 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide by clicking the picture below.

Without further ado, here are my projections for my top 26 fantasy catchers this year. I believe the names are listed alphabetically, but they should be sortable by any column. To download the projections to Excel, just click “Get the data” below the chart. Oh, and feel free to tell me if you feel differently about anyone down in the comments section.

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