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2013 Fantasy Baseball Daily Fix, April 30: Replacing Giancarlo Stanton

Daily Fantasy Baseball Fix

Giancarlo Stanton has hit the DL with a hamstring issue. To add insult to that injury, he injured his hamstring on the last of five hitless at-bats. Couldn’t have tried to leg out an infield hit in the first, Giancarlo? Jerk…

I won’t pretend to know how serious the injury is or how long he might be out. People may be disseminating such information on Twitter at I’m writing this. But I wouldn’t know because I’m constantly seven hours behind on my timeline. People tweet too much. But I digress.

Odds are Giancarlo is your main power source, or he was supposed to be anyway. So assuming power is the main consideration when choosing a replacement, here are the best options.

Jason Kubel | Arizona Diamondbacks | 60.9% owned

Kubel returned from the DL on Sunday and popped a homer last night. He hit 30 homers last year in his first season in Arizona, a much more homer-friendly park than his previous park in Minnesota. The park obviously aided the 19% HR/FB rate that propelled Kubel to 30 bombs, but that was the highest mark of his career. As a result, he may not repeat a 30 homer pace, but a 25 homer pace seems reasonable.

Kubel will play against both lefties and righties, but if you can, just play him against righties. For his career he has a .359 wOBA against righties and .306 wOBA against lefties. And he averages a homer once every 21.9 plate appearances against righties and once every 44.4 plate appearances against lefties.

Garrett Jones | Pittsburgh Pirates | 56.6% owned

Like Kubel, Jones is a lefty who hits righties much better. Jones also hit homers on the same pace as Kubel last year. The difference is that Jones will sit a little more against lefties than Kubel will. Kubel’s the slightly better option, but they’re virtually the same guy. Add one and play them against righties. Or add both if you have the space. Odds are good that one of them will be facing a righty each day.

Chris Carter | Houston Astros | 15% owned

Carter is going to constitute a huge average hit for however long he’s on your roster, but he has pop. He has hit a homer once every 20 plate appearances in his young career, but he has struck out in an absurd 43% of his plate appearances this season. That’s why he remarkably has a .216 average despite a .341 BABIP.

Matt Joyce | Tampa Bay Rays | 2.4% owned

If Carter is available in your league, then Joyce probably is as well. Despite the gap in ownership percentage, Joyce is the better hitter. In fact, Joyce is basically a poor man’s version of Kubel and Jones. He’s a leftie who has that same platoon split, but he doesn’t hit homers off righties quite as frequently as the pair with the higher ownership percentage. He also won’t see plate appearances quite as regularly, but he’s a fine option if you’re in a deeper league and Kubel and Jones aren’t available.

John Mayberry, Jr. | Philadelphia Phillies | 0.8% owned

In an NL-only league? Mayberry probably isn’t available in that type of league given the regular at-bats he gets. But there are a few guys with an ownership percentage higher than Mayberry’s who are available in my ten-team NL-only league. If he’s gone, your only option in the outfield may be Scott Hairston (0.1% owned). He hit 20 homers in just under 400 PA with the Mets last year. He has only hit one this year and has a brutal .074 batting average, but he’s still getting semi-regular playing time. Team of the Day

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SP: Alex Cobb, $9,600 – As far as the rest of the season goes, I’m a little worried about Cobb’s average strikeout rate. I’m not worried he’ll implode or anything, but I do wonder how much success he can have without more strikeouts. But the matchup is good against the Royals tomorrow who rank 24th in the league in wRC+ against righties.

SP: Edwin Jackson, $8,900 – It’d be nice if Jackson wasn’t walking more than four batters per nine, but other than that he’s pitched fairly well. He’s got an above average strikeout rate (21.5%) and a fantastic groundball rate (59%). The matchup with the Padres would be better if it was in San Diego, but it is good enough.

C: John Jaso, $3,700 – Good platoon matchup.

1B: David Ortiz, $4,900 – Big Papi will face Brandon Morrow who throws a lot of fastballs. Ortiz has well above average results against fastballs.

2B: Brandon Phillips, $4,000

3B: Manny Machado, $3,400

SS: Brandon Crawford, $3,100 – I don’t believe Crawford can keep this up, but he should be going for more than $3,100, especially when Crawford (a lefty) is facing a righty away from San Francisco in a good ballpark (Arizona).

OF: Nate Schierholtz, $4,700 – Feel free to ignore a daily team that has Nate Schierholtz as its most expensive outfielder and second most expensive hitter.

OF: Ichiro Suzuki, $4,100 – I had to pick someone to start against Phil Humber, right?

OF: Seth Smith, $3,600

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