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2014 Fantasy Baseball: Real Offensive Value — Third Basemen, Part II

It’s funny, but the second group of fantasy third basemen is almost as distinguished as the first. This is how things often go in fantasy baseball. The question comes on how long to wait for normalcy to return. Sometimes it never does. The all-star break is closer to the 60 percent mark than the 50 percent mark, so hope for normalcy might not be warranted. Sometimes we have to accept what is.

As we have done throughout the series, we have often looked at the difference between runs produced and runs created. Runs produced matters more to fantasy baseball players because it is something real and tangible. For most players, it represents either 33 percent of 40 percent of their fantasy life. So, finding players with a large gap between the two can help determine which players outproduce their value the most.





Brock Holt





Conor Gillaspie





Aramis Ramirez





Evan Longoria





Yangervis Solarte





Casey McGehee





Trevor Plouffe





Nolan Arenado





Pablo Sandoval





Cody Asche





It’s funny how perceptions and realities are far different. Nearly half of the players above have played in an all-star game if we count Casey McGehee’s flirtation with the game this year. Yet, when you look at the ROV numbers you end up being very underwhelmed. It might be high time to readjust our expectations of offensive players.

Aramis Ramirez– Milwaukee Brewers

Ramirez has long been considered one of the top producing third basemen in the game and he was there on Tuesday night. The problem is that he can’t seem to stay on the field as much as most of the other elite third basemen. He’s surpassed 100 RBI seven times in his career, but this will not be one of those seasons. He still has an OPS near .800, so he is still a decent guy to throw in there, but his best days are behind him.

Evan Longoria– Tampa Bay Rays

You cannot overestimate how disappointing a year it has been for the Rays and their fans. They were picked by many to be the favorite in the AL East. Now, they are fighting with the Red Sox for fourth place. Longoria is on top of the list of players that aren’t producing. He has a career .853 OPS and he is circling the drain at .719 this season. He is the main guy people look at when considering the question of whether there will be a return to normalcy.

Casey McGehee– Miami Marlins

Yes, he was up for getting into the all-star game and there was all that hype, but he has only two home runs. That’s right, he has two more home runs than any of us do. That helps the 87 runs produced right along, but you have to wonder how long that can continue without something else in the power department. In other words, how much longer will it be before he turns back into a pumpkin?

Pablo Sandoval– San Francisco Giants

Kung Fu Panda is in a contract year and it was supposed to be a big year before a big contract. Instead, he ranks as the 19th best third baseman according to ROV and is in a tie for 17th in wRC+. Those aren’t the kind of numbers that get you big contracts. Then again, the Giants have been giving out their fair share of big contracts, so maybe this was pretty good for the Giants long-term.

David Wright– New York Mets

You talk about disappointments. Captain America didn’t make either list. He would have been 23rd according to ROV. He is in that tie for 17th along with Pablo Sandoval and Yangervis Solarte. Evan Longoria and Wright are the poster bearers for underachievement at not only third base, but throughout the fantasy baseball world. In his case it isn’t a lack of a batting average, but a staggering lack of power.


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