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2014 Fantasy Baseball: Simmons Says No More Popups

Photo Credit: _j0nesy_ (braves0414-63)
Photo Credit: _j0nesy_ (braves0414-63)

Early in the baseball season, you will often hear the phrase, “small sample size.” In truth, it is for good reason. There are times we get too ahead of ourselves and it leads to declarations that are simply irresponsible. But if you want to win a fantasy baseball league, you have to keep digging and working and searching, and if something makes sense, you can at least keep an eye on it. We all want to find the breakout players or know which sinking ships to abandon. That’s part of the fun in a fantasy baseball season. So I say, small sample sizes be damned. We’re doing this. There are always tiny details worth noticing. And wouldn’t you know it; Andrelton Simmons has a detail worth noticing.

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  1. April 17, 2014 at 12:28 pm — Reply

    And as soon as this article goes live…Simmons strikes out for the first time all year.

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