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2014 Fantasy Baseball: The Daily Double Switch for August 25th

photo by: Mark Schraeger
photo by: Mark Schraeger

Welcome back to the Daily Double Switch here at the Fantasy Fix. For those who are not yet Daily Fantasy baseball players at DraftKings, head over there and join. DraftKings gives you $50,000 to draft eight hitters (one at each position) plus two pitchers. When you join they will double your initial deposit, up to $600, so it’s a great time to jump in. I know you’ve got fantasy football on your mind too, so click here and get our football draft kit for free along with a year of #FrontOffice access. You can find me on twitter @RyNoonan if you have player specific questions.

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 Game times and Weather

It’s a Monday, which always means it’s a lighter slate. We have 10 games tonight, but no day games to choose from which is helpful. Weather also appears to be a non-factor today, which is a rarity.

Stacking options

There are so many ways to skin this proverbial Daily Fantasy Sports cat, and a very popular way to construct your DraftKings lineup is by stacking your roster with multiple players from one or two teams. One way to pick your stack is to look at who Draftkings prices as the worst pitcher for the day, and see if the numbers match up. Today, the Giants would be the team to focus on, but I also really like the Nationals and Brewers. The Nationals have seen a lot of A.J. Burnett over the years, with multiple players having plus career numbers against him. The pitcher-vs-batter data here is backed up my the hot play of the Nationals, so everyone wins! The Brewers don’t handle left-handed pitching as well as you’d think, but I like them to get after Eric Stults today.



Picking the right pitchers in daily games is crucial. Depending on the specific game you’re playing, it’s extremely difficult to finish in the money if you swing and miss here. It’s also important to pile up the strikeouts, so Pirates’ starter Francisco Liriano ($9,700) makes sense, even as the most expensive option. Tanner Roark ($9,000) doesn’t strikeout a ton of guys, but he’s been really good lately, shutting out the Diamondbacks last time out. The Yankees lineup doesn’t scare me, and it shouldn’t scare you away from James Shields ($8,600). Jake Odorizzi ($8,500) has the strikeout numbers we want, but has had mixed results against the Orioles this season.


Catcher is always one of the places I’ll look save a few bucks. With that said, I love the matchup that Jonathan Lucroy ($4,800) has today. I’m still unlikely to use him though, due to that price. I’d rather roll with Jason Castro ($3,800) for a thousand dollars cheaper and has hit Samardzjia well in previous contests.

 First baseman

First base is a place I usually spend big, but today we can get big production for little cost. Adam Lind ($3,100) can mash when healthy, and he is as of post time. He’s hit Clay Buchholz well, and I expect the Blue Jays to score some runs today. If you’re stacking, Nationals’ first baseman Adam LaRoche ($4,500) is the play. It’s hard to pay that price though.

Second baseman

Skip on LaRoche, and spend on Anthony Rendon ($4,400). Rendon has been one of the season’s biggest surprises, at least to me. I didn’t expect him to hit for this much power yet, and thought his fantasy value was minimal due to his lack of power/speed combo. He was a hitting machine in college, and he’s made a relatively seamless transition.

 Third baseman

We’ve save money so far, so we can spend a bit more on top line talent from here on out. No one in baseball is hotter than Nolan Arenado ($4,900). He’s been one of the best hitters in the game since the All-Star break, and he’s the real deal. Evan Longoria ($4,500) has had a down year, but he’s my favorite play of the day, I like him to go deep against Chris Tillman.


Asdrual Cabrera ($4,000) is reasonably priced today, and fits the Nationals stack well. His career success against Burnett doesn’t hurt his cause. Jhonny Peralta ($4,100) has been a pleasant surprise this season, where most thought he was due for major regression after a strong power output in Detroit.


If you’re a stack-heavy player, than the Brewers Khris Davis ($3,800), Ryan Braun ($4,800) and Carlos Gomez ($5,000) make sense. It’s an aggressive approach but could pay dividends if done with the right team. That team could be the Brewers today. If you like to spread the risk to multiple teams, Bryce Harper ($3,700) is still coming in under $4k. The discounts provided by the pitchers today, and players like Adam Lind bring the Mike Trout’s ($5,400) and Adam Jones’ ($5,000) into play. That’s not a bad thing.

Good luck today! We’ve been winning quite a bit lately, so find me on twitter and let’s celebrate your success!



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