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2014 Fantasy Baseball Daily Fix: April 22, 2014

Welcome to a bonus edition of the daily fix. At least, it is a bonus one from me. You will hear from me again tomorrow. Last week we learned an important lesson as it pertains to daily baseball. Everyone makes mistakes and I made one last week. At least, a mistake happened at press time. The Astros sent down Robbie Grossman and brought George Springer up. That changed happened after I had locked in my article. So, I came away looking bad.

We can write it off as a laugh and move or take it as a learning experience. Draftstreet allows you to make lineup changes almost up to the minute, so when you put in your lineup, it pays to keep paying attention to the news cycle in case there is a last second injury or roster change. The important thing to keep in mind is that these articles are designed to run at 6 AM EST. So, it has to finished and edited before that. All lineups represent our best guess the night before the game.

That being said, many of you are used to seeing Brett Talley’s opinions here. I use a similar strategy as others on the site. It is something others have called stacking. Essentially you find the weak pitchers and start as many players as you can against those pitchers. As you might imagine, Draftstreet alters the salaries depending on who players are up against. So, it can be difficult to stack, but it is the most sure fire way to win as often as you can.

Salary Opposing SP Comments
Mike Zunino 5167 Colin McHugh I make my living off of the Houston Astros. They are the worst team   in the AL for a reason.
1B  Jose Abreu 6912 Justin Verlander Verlander is tough, but Abreu is off to a good start.
2B  Robinson Cano 7711 Colin McHugh He is an elite performer and McHugh isn’t exactly elite.
3B  Pablo Sandoval 5451 Franklin Morales Coors Field and a mediocre pitcher makes this a good play.
SS  Starlin Castro 5513 Brandon McCarthy McCarthy is not as good as he used to be.
OF  Angel Pagan 7466 Franklin Morales He is off to a great start and Morales is weak.
OF  Jayson Werth 7003 Tyler Skaggs Werth is off to a great start and the Dbacks aren’t.
OF  Adam Jones 6646 R.A. Dickey Dickey is off to another slow start and Jones is still a very good   player.
Ian Desmond 5127 Tyler Skaggs He is a lower price option and we are trying to make ends meet.
SP  Tyler Skaggs 14029 Washington Nationals There is stacking and then there is hedging your bet. It’s a good   idea on double ups.
SP  Erasmus Ramirez 14224 Houston Astros The Astros offense is the worst offense in baseball. This is a   bargain.
Kyle Gibson 14660 Tampa Bay Rays Gibson is off to a very good start, so we are keeping our fingers   crossed.


It is our normal course to offer some alternatives in case something like last week happens. Of course, this lineup above is designed to get as close to the cap as possible, so swapping one player for another is sometimes not in the cards. Sometimes, you have to make more than one change to make the salaries work. You’ve been forewarned.

Salary Opposing SP Comments
Welington   Castillo 5858 Brandon McCarthy Castillo has demonstrated some good power so far.
1B  Justin Morneau 6168 Madison Bumgarner Morneau is off to a good start, but I’m not a fan of the matchup.
2B  Kolton Wong 4917 Dillon Gee Gee is more or less average, so if you want a low salary play.
3B  Matt Carpenter 6375 Dillon Gee Carpenter is a very good player and this is a decent matchup.
SS  Brad Miller 5104 Colin McHugh McHugh is not going to be up long. We are about to find out why.
OF  Alex Gordon 6074 Danny Salazar Salazar is off to a good start, but his pedigree is too good to stay   down long.
OF  Nick Markakis 6177 R.A. Dickey Dickey is a pretty good matchup.
Yovani Gallardo 17211 San Diego Padres Maybe this is a renaissance season for Gallardo.
A.J. Burnett 15984 Los Angeles Dodgers Burnett is off to a good start in Philadelphia.


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