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2015 Fantasy Baseball: Top Targets in Keeper Leagues

I have put together a list of five players that I believe would be easier to get now than they will be next season in a keeper league. If your team is not doing very well and you think you might need to start looking ahead, these are some of the guys you could make a trade for that could turn your team around for the next season, and possiblyeven this year.  It is still so early in the season that I would not panic, but I also believe that it’s never too early to start planning for the future in a keeper league.

First things first. If he is available, I personally believe that Carlos Correa is a must add right now in virtually all formats. He has been an absolute monster this season in AA for Corpus Christi, and so far has done everything asked of him in AAA Fresno. He is the undisputed number one prospect in baseball, and he could be joining the Astros as early as June when his Super 2 date passes. Especially if he is a free agent, he is worth adding and stashing at this point. He could completely turn your team around as soon as this year, and if you have him in a keeper league, he could definitely give you a lot of value.

The first guy that I believe you could get at a fairly reasonable price that could be an incredible player is Mookie Betts. He is currently hitting .234 for the Red Sox, which is a little unsettling for fantasy owners considering what the expectations were for his average in 2015. He is going to be a fine player for the Red Sox and once he gets his average worked out, he is going to hit for power and steal bases.

Joc Pederson has been the Rookie of the Year to this point of the season without question, swatting 10 home runs and driving in 21 runs in 102 at-bats this season. He has hit all over the Dodgers lineup, which should change when they are healthy and when they find the lineup that works the best for them, but he has been an absolute beast. He might not be too cheap right now because of his hot streak, but when he goes into a slump, that might be the time to swoop in and land a player that I believe is going to win National League ROY ahead of Kris Bryant.

The fourth guy on my list of players that could be bought at a bargain to help with the future of your fantasy baseball team is Bryant. I have him fourth on this list because I believe that he is going to be the hardest one thus far to be able to trade for because of what he did in spring training, the hype that he is getting on every TV station around the country because he plays in a big time market, and because his power is starting to heat up. I believe the NL ROY vote is going to come down to Pederson and Bryant, with Pederson beating him out, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it were the other way around. Bryant is going to be a star.

This last one might be a little odd, considering the hype he has had for a while and has been considered to be a fantasy star already. I believe, however, that Yasiel Puig could be bought at a very good price these days, especially with the news coming out that he’s going to be hurt for a few more weeks. If you do not have a problem trading for a player that is going to be hurt for a little bit longer, I would see if you could get Puig at a discount. There is always that one guy that panic’s about injuries or has too many players hurt on his team and he tries to get rid of some of them at a discount. It’s worth a try, especially if you’re ready to move on and get a good young foundation in a keeper league.

Honorable Mention: Jose Fernandez. Another injury related one here, but I believe that Jose Fernandez is going to come back and compete as one of the top-5 pitchers in all of baseball. Remember, he is still only 22 years old.

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