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2017 Fantasy Baseball: The Weekly Standard

Earlier this season we re-released the 3x3x3 series where we focused on each position individually. We are still doing that series, but we have been getting questions about who the top players are overall. That gets to be a difficult question because we have to then establish some ground rules. So, here we are with a new series designed to look at the top position player, starting pitcher, and relief pitcher available.

The two simple rules will be that we will check in every week and we will only pick players that are available in more then 50 percent of leagues according to Yahoo and ESPN rules. We fully realize there are other platforms out there, but those two will cover the majority of public leagues out there.

Position Player

Logan Morrison— Tampa Bay Rays (.251, 14 HR, 26 Runs, 35 RBI, 0 SB, 26 BB)

ESPN: 24.7%

Yahoo: 31.0%

When this runs the season will nearly be 33 percent done. So, we could simply multiply the numbers three times to get an estimate of where they will finish up. I seriously doubt Morrison will hit 42 home runs this season, but he could approach 100 RBI if he continues to play every day. Mind you, the number of first basemen that will drive in between 90 and 110 runs is probably fairly long. Still, adding a little depth to your lineup can’t hurt. Furthermore, if you have someone like him then you can deal your splashier name to shore up other areas of your team.

Starting Pitcher

Joe Biagini— Toronto Blue Jays (1 win, 42.0 INN, 3.64 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, 37 SO)


Yahoo: 12.0%

The Blue Jays have lost Aaron Sanchez, J.A. Happ, and Francisco Liriano to injury at various points this season. Happ and Liriano is supposed to come back this week. Biagini started the season in the bullpen, but has made five starts so far this season. In those five starts he has pitched 23.1 innings and has given up 10 earned runs in those starts. That comes out to a 3.86 ERA as a starter. That’s not necessarily brilliant, but consider the injuries to the staff and the fact that the other replacements are worse, he will likely still keep his spot until Sanchez makes it back from the disabled list as well.

Relief Pitcher

Alex Wilson— Detroit Tigers (1 win, 2 saves, 21.0 INN, 1.71 ERA, 0.90 WHIP, 11 SO) 

ESPN: 4.9%

Yahoo: 7.0%

If you look at baseball-reference.com and numerous other sources and they list Francisco Rodriguez as the closer for the Tigers. That’s certainly how the year started, but these things are often fluid. KRod has gotten off a horrendous start (1-5, 7.16 ERA, 7-11 SVs). Wilson has gotten two saves and blown one save. Unfortunately, statisticians count leads that are lost earlier in the game count as a blown save. At any rate, the spot is clearly in a state of flux, but he will clearly get some save opportunties in the meantime.

We’ve stated on this site numerous times, but it bears repeating that even if you don’t have an additional category for holds it makes sense to carry a dominant middle reliever or two to assist you with the other numbers. Wilson is not dominant in the sense that he strikes out a ton of hitters (he doesn’t) but he has been dominant in terms of ERA and WHIP. Throwing the occasional scoreless inning can help your team.


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