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2017 Fantasy Baseball: Three to Add, Three to Keep, Three to Drop– Outfielders

We come nearly to the end of the 3x3x3 series as the fantasy season ambles headlong into the playoffs for head to head leagues. There have been a number of outfielders that have caught fire recently and adding any of them can give your team a nice shot in the arm. Of course, there is always the reverse for the fantasy player asleep at the wheel. Even if your team is out of contention it is always good to finish the season strong to give you a good feeling for next season.

Three to Add

Byron Buxton–Minnesota Twins

Yahoo: 53%

ESPN: 39.7%

Key Numbers: .244/9/45/30/22

This is becoming a habit for Buxton. He gets off to slow starts until the second half when he teases us with his awesome talent. Technically, he shouldn’t be an add candidate because of the Yahoo ownership, but we will break the rules just this once.

Barriers to Launch: He gets cold again.

Curtis Granderson– Los Angeles Dodgers

Yahoo: 30%

ESPN: 21%

Key Numbers: .230/21/62/57/4

Has Granderson found the fountain of youth? Since the first month of the season he has hit 20 home runs and sported an OPS over .900. You could call this the best season of his career in recent memory as he is sporting an overall OPS over .800. The trade to the Dodgers has put a spring back in his step.

Barriers to Launch: He could still be platooned.

Randal Grichuk— St. Louis Cardinals

Yahoo: 30%

ESPN: 21.8%

Key Numbers: .244/15/44/46/5

Grichuk is a flawed player and there is enough body of evidence to conclude that he will always be a flawed player. Still, he has the ability to get hot and he has shown that over the last several weeks. He is capable of putting up good power numbers in the meantime.

Barriers to Launch: A cold streak is always around the corner.

Three to Keep

Jose Bautista— Toronto Blue Jays

Key Numbers: .212/20/76/54/6

Don’t look now, but if he continues at this pace he will score 100 runs. There is always a level of disappointment that comes with a high draft pick. These numbers aren’t good, but when you throw in the walks they are passable.

Drop if: They start to sit him when they are out of contention.

Mookie Betts— Boston Red Sox

Key Numbers: .265/18/81/76/18

Like Bautista, Betts has been a significant disappointment. It is tempting to offer him a trade for someone that is performing well, but he should score 100 runs and perhaps drive in 100 as well. Couple that with 20 home runs and 20 steals and he is still plenty good.

Drop if: He gets injured.

Denard Span— San Francisco Giants

Key Numbers: .272/9/56/32/8

Span is steady and probably best served as a fantasy backup, but he still has some things he can offer a fantasy player. Just don’t expect too much.

Drop If: The Giants start going young.

Three to Drop

Jacoby Ellsbury— New York Yankees

Key Numbers: .240/6/38/27/15

It’s tempting to keep him because of his speed, but he has lost his job for all pretense and purposes. He used to be one of the more dynamic fantasy players out there. Those days are likely done.

Keep if: He starts playing every day.

Joc Pederson– Los Angeles Dodgers

Key Stats: .215/11/43/33/2

Even teams on a record winning pace have disappointments. Pederson is definitely one of those, but the difference is that they have the financial wherewithal to fix their mistakes. He might get another opportunity next season.

Keep if: Don’t.

Mark Trumbo— Baltimore Orioles

Key Stats: .240/19/67/55/1

The player that led the league in home runs is gone. He is not a bad player per ce, but he simply doesn’t move the needle anymore. Maybe he does it again next season.

Keep if: He gets on a hot streak.

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