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Fantasy Baseball Daily Fix: April 24th, 2013

Note: This article was sent to press before the Astros announced placing Justin Maxwell on the 15 DL with a broken hand. Therefore, you should choose someone else as your third outfielder.

If you haven’t caught onto the daily fantasy phenomenon then make sure you jump on the bandwagon at Draftkings. Now is as good a time as any to get in the game. The beauty of Draftkings is that you can get started anytime and can play whenever you want. If you don’t feel like you can commit to playing daily you don’t have to. There are games anywhere between a dollar all the way up the line.

Today, we will be playing the MLB Daily Dollar. It’s a great game for those of you getting your feet wet. It only cost a dollar and you can see how the game really works. Even the most experienced of fantasy players have to get used to the ins and outs of daily baseball. Venture small amounts until you fee comfortable with the process.

My Team

Catcher: Carlos Santana vs. Chris Sale

Santana mashes against lefties to the tune of a .314 career total average. He has gotten off to a good start this year and Chris Sale has struggled so far (1-2, 4.50).

First Base: Paul Goldschmidt vs. Madison Bumgarner

Goldschmidt is a good all-around hitter, but he becomes a great hitter against lefties (career .359 TAV). Bumgarner is one of the better lefties around (3-0, 2.05) but Goldschmidt should still be good for a hit or two.

Second Base: Jose Altuve vs. Joe Saunders

Jose Altuve will be the Astros lone all-star representative later on this year and he actually performs like an all-star against lefties. Joe Saunders is as average as they come and the Astros have to have some success. Someone wins the lottery almost every day.

Third Base: David Wright vs. Ted Lilly

Okay, I couldn’t pass this up. I know Wright is expensive, but he’s going up against a lefty that is making his debut for the season. Lilly is bound to show some rust and Wright will beat that rust right off of him.

Shortstop: Ruben Tejada vs. Ted Lilly

See David Wright. Except, Tejada is very affordable for you.

Outfield: John Mayberry vs. Wandy Rodriguez

Wandy Rodriguez is off to a brilliant start, but Mayberry hits lefties and he’s going for a cheap rate these days. Mayberry is hitting .283 to start the season and he has traditionally hit well against lefties (career .309 TAV).

Outfield: Justin Maxwell vs. Joe Saunders

Like Jose Altuve, Maxwell is one of the few Astros to establish himself as a decent regular and he also mashes against lefties. So, you get two opportunities at cheap production.

Outfield: Chris Young vs. Jon Lester

It’s everybody’s going up against lefties day and Young is just the last guy to get that opportunity. Nobody utilizes the platoon advantage better than the Athletics, so look for Young to be in there even if he hasn’t played regularly yet.

Pitcher: Andy Pettitte vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Andy Pettitte has gotten off to a good start this season (3-0, 2.09) and he is going up against a team that simply hasn’t gotten its mojo yet this season. When Phil Hughes can go seven innings against you and only give up one run then you have to feel good about Pettitte’s chances.

Pitcher: Matt Harvey vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Harvey is already 4-0 on the season and he is going up against a pitcher making his 2013 debut. This could go one of two ways and one of them has Harvey winning in a cake walk. I suppose Lilly could pitch brilliantly, but what are the odds of that happening?

The Night in Review

On Tuesday night, two games were postponed. That wouldn’t seem so unusual, but rain outs have been a problem lately. In fact, those two made eleven rain outs (or snow outs) in the past seven days. That has a way of putting a cramp on a daily fantasy team lineup. So, in addition to monitoring match-ups we probably need to monitor the weather.

Yet, more significant history was made on Tuesday night. Justin Upton and B.J. Upton became the first brothers to hit back to back home runs since the Waner brothers in 1938. Both of them made it to Cooperstown (although Lloyd’s selection is extremely questionable). Who knows what the future will hold for the Upton brothers, but if April is any indication, it could be a MVP award for Justin. At this pace, he will surpass his 2012 total before Memorial Day.

The pitcher of the day will have to go to Bartolo Colon who pitched a technical complete game shutout against the Red Sox. Colon is on the wrong side of 40, but he’s pitching like he’s in his mid twenties. The Athletics clearly are not a one trick pony. At least that’s the case early in the season.

MLBtv Game of the Day

The Colorado Rockies are still technically in a first place tie with the Giants, but the division really stacks up to be a three horse race between the Giants, Dbacks, and Dodgers. The Dodgers appear to be the 2010s answer to the 1980s New York Yankees. It’s a lot of money and hype, but probably little to show for it.

Meanwhile, the Dbacks have some young pitchers and a deep outfield to contend with the deep pitching staff in San Francisco. Today, Madison Bumgarner is going up against former twenty game winner Ian Kennedy. The game starts at 3:45 EST, so you’ll have to catch a part of it at work, but it should be well worth it.

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