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Fantasy Baseball Final: June 3, 2016

Athletics by its very nature is a binary activity. When someone wins, someone also loses. So, on Thursday night, you could choose to focus on the Mariners overcoming a ten run deficit in the fifth inning to defeat the Padres 16-13 or you could choose to focus on the Padres blowing a ten run lead after the fifth inning to lose the game 16-13. Usually the negative carries the day and that was no different here. One of the Padres owners already had them on blast for their 21-33 start and that didn’t even include that debacle.

In terms of fantasy impact, we have to believe that the Padres will be significant sellers two seasons in a row. It would be easy to see names like Matt Kemp, Tyson Ross, and James Shields dealt before the July deadline. Kemp has been a disappointment so far, but he did add his 14th home run on the season and he is also on pace to have another 100 RBI campaign. You can’t help but think there are a few lineups that would like to add that to their outfield.

If you read one thing

Xander Bogaerts hitting streak came to an end after 26 games. The entire Red Sox lineup was held in check by R.A. Dickey. He managed to pitch six and two thirds one run innings and that run was unearned. It’s easy to laugh off Dickey’s performance since coming to Toronto and that is particularly true considering who the Blue Jays traded away. He led the American League in starts his first two seasons with 34 in each, added another 33 last season and is on pace to do the same this season. Furthermore, he’s pitched in 214 or more innings in each of the last three seasons and appears to be on pace to do that again.

Dickey may have done well overall, but he could not hold down David Ortiz. Even with the rest of the club managing just three hits, Ortiz hit his 24th and 25th double of the season to lead the American League. If he continues hitting doubles at this pace he will eclipse 70 doubles for the season.

We kind of expected

Speaking of the Dickey trade, it’s hard to be a Blue Jays fan and watch Noah Syndergaard pitch like he has. He won another game, moving to 6-2 with a 1.91 ERA. We’ve come to expect those kinds of outings from him and if Matt Harvey can build on his last start, the Mets will have the best young rotation in baseball. If Travis d’Arnaud can ever get healthy, that trade would that much more one-sided.

We didn’t expect

One of the fun things about following a bad team is that it affords you the opportunity to allow young players to grow. Adam Duvall and Eugenio Suarez have been key players for them and both have turned in unexpected results. Duvall hit his 15th home run on the season and Suarez hit his 13th. Both have their warts, but allowing them to play every day has allowed them to grow professionally as hitters and it’s been fun to watch.

Save Opportunities

  • Jesus Colome (Converted #13)
  • Roberto Osuna (Converted #13)
  • Zach Britton (Converted #16)
  • Jeanmar Gomez (Converted #18)

Injury News

  • Last night we told you that Hunter Pence had a strained hamstring. That has been upgraded to a torn hamstring and he is expected to miss eight weeks. Team executive Brian Sabean has already admitted they are on the hunt for outfield help on the trade market. Stay tuned…
  • Miguel Cabrera left the Tigers game after injuring himself on the basepaths. It is not yet known if he will miss any more time.
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