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Four Cornerstones To Your AL-Only Squad

Over the last several weeks, I have been giving you guys players to look at and consider. Draft times are getting extremely close and so my idea is to give you 4 players to build your team around. There are always going to be variables during an auction and snake draft, but if you are able to get these 4 guys, your season will start well.

Yoenis Cespedes, Outfield (ADP: 30.67): Depending on how you go with your first and maybe second picks, Cespedes will supplement your power and speed numbers. He is a relatively unknown quantity, but that shouldn’t scare you off. In 540 PA’s last year, Cespedes was almost a 20-20 guy. Guys in the AL who can provide that sort of value to you are incredibly rare and Cespedes stats can be had at a real value. Players around him in ADP are either pitchers who you don’t want, or hitters who only contribute in a few categories. Cespedes is a player to be targeted in every form of AL-Only league.

Jose Altuve, 2nd Base, (ADP: 53.67): The diminutive second basemen will have a large affect on your team. He is harshly undervalued, because he is going to post historically bad RBI and run totals. However, for the batting average help he is going to give you and the steals he will accrue, he offers great value. Altuve is still young and could develop more power, meaning that there is a chance for a 10 homerun, 40 steal season. In the middle rounds of AL-Only Draft, that is incredible value. If you draft Cano or Jason Kipnis, you are passing up selected players who will post much better stats, just as less scare positions. Altuve is a great option if you would rather have the Jose Bautista’s and Edwin Encarnacion’s on your team.

Tommy Milone, Starting Pitcher (ADP: 71): I’ve already written about Milone, but after doing more mock drafts, I fell even more in love with him. There has been a few drafts where I waited to draft a starting pitcher all the way until I selected Milone and I still ended up liking my team. A sub 4 ERA in a great pitchers park and pitchers division, and a sub 1.3 WHIP are incredibly helpful. He will throw alot of innings for a decent ballclub, meaning that you can draft some higher K% pitchers later in the draft who are ERA and WHIP risks. Finding undervalued pitchers like Milone is essential key to having a winning team this year. Paying too much for pitching will absolutely kill your team.

Paul Konerko, First Base ( ADP: 90): If you don’t get Paul Konerko on your team, I would love to know your line of thinking. 39, 31 and 26 homeruns the last three years, Konerko is slowing down but he isn’t broken. Getting Konerko in your corner infield slot, first base position of utility slot will give you an insane amount of power for a stupid cheap price. Konerko has been on every single one of my teams, AL-Only or mixed. As long as he stays healthy, Konerko will double his value.


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