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Stars on the Shelf: TheFantasyFix.com’s Week 12 DL Report


Here is TheFantasyFix.com’s week twelve update on all notable injured players, right here in one spot. Here you will find an update on a player’s progress as well as my spin on their expected return dates and fantasy impact upon return. The players are listed by expected return date.

The big addition this week is Troy Tulowitzki. Tulo has had a lot of injuries for a young player.  The 28 year old is out with a fractured rib that will have him sidelined until after the All Star Game.

NEW ON THE SHELF: Troy Tulowitzki, Anibal Sanchez, Clay Buchholz, Mark Teixeira, AJ Burnett, Alex Cobb, Everth Cabrera

BACK IN ACTION: Austin Jackson, Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland

OUT FOR SEASON: Kevin Youkilis

Chase Utley 6/22/2013 As I said last week, I was dead wrong about Chase Utley and his return.  I gave him no benefit of the doubt.  He should be activated this weekend unless the Phillies decide to wait for any reason.
Aaron Hill 6/23/2013 Hill is playing in rehab games and could be activated as early as this weekend.  There is no question the DBacks could use his bat back in the lineup.
Pablo Sandoval 6/24/2013 Sandoval is playing in rehab games this weekend and if all goes well will return on Monday.
Clay Buchholz 6/25/2013 Buchholz threw with no problems yesterday and may be activated to start on Tuesday according to reports.  I don’t see what would prevent this from happening.  He has expressed that he feels good, and he has arguably been the best pitcher in the AL this year.  Barring a “lets make sure hes fine” decision, he’ll be on the hill Tuesday.
Jose Reyes 6/26/2013 Reyes is showing he’s ready to go.  So far 5-12 in rehab games, Reyes is expected to be back next week.  Fantasy owners need a big second half from him.  The high draft pick has killed owners at the SS position since he went down with his ankle injury.  I hope for their sake he doesn’t go down again, but it is Jose Reyes, so hold your breath.
Michael Pineda 6/26/2013 Pineda made what I am thinking was his final rehab start yesterday.  He gave up 2 runs, walking one and striking out 3 in 4 innings.  I think he could easily be called up to start at home against Texas next week.  If it was my call, he’d take Phil Hughes spot in the rotation.  At this point the only reason I see the Yankees having Hughes in the rotation is to hope he strings a few together and ups his mid-season trade value.  He has been horrible.  Pineda stashers should be confident that he’ll get a rotaiton spot when he’s ready to go, which like I said could be next week.
Chris Perez 6/28/2013 Perez was absolutely torched in his rehab game earlier in the week, giving up three ding dongs.  He apparently received treatment yesterday and will not be activated from the DL as originally planned.  Pestano owners are loving this news, Perez owners, quite the opposite.  This could turn into a prolonged shoulder issue for Perez, at least it doesn’t sound all that great right now.  I will give him the benefit of the doubt though and just push it back a week until I read anything that tells me otherwise.
JJ Putz 6/28/2013 Putz will pitch in rehab games into next week and after successfully throwing in consecutive games without issue, will likely be recalled mid to late week.  He will also likely return to closer, perhaps not immediately, but soon as Heath Bell is not exactly lock down right now.
Bryce Harper 6/29/2013 Harper appears to be ready to play some baseball.  He has been hitting in the cages and should be on the rehab assignment soon, my guess is sometime next week.  I imagine he will only need a couple of games at most there, so I think Harper could be back as early as next weekend.
Matt Kemp 6/29/2013 Kemp’s big test comes this weekend when he tries to run the bases game speed.  If he can do that without issue, he will go on a rehab assignment Monday.  After a couple of games he could be back next weekend.  These are all “ifs” until he runs the bases without issue though.  Owners shouldn’t take this as gospel.
Rafael Betancourt 7/1/2013 Betancourt was right in his guess he wont return until month’s end. He is facing live hitters today and will go on a rehab assignment after that if all goes well.  Like with most RP rehab assignments, the big goal to hit is to go consecutive days without issue.  Once he does this he’ll be cleared to return to the pen.  Brothers is doing well in his place, but I would assume Betancourt will be given the chance to have his job back upon his return at the end of this month.
Asdrubal Cabrera 7/1/2013 The intiial guess of beginning of July appears to still be on track for Cabrera.  he is taking BP and a rehab assignment should be coming soon after that.  He is about 10 days away from returning.  Fantasy owners will love that, I can’t imagine the back up they had to grab off the scrap pile to plug that spot.
Brandon Beachy 7/2/2013 Beachy had a setback with his elbow but an MRI showed no serious problems, it appears to just be growing pains for coming back from Tommy John Surgery.  The Braves have been mum on what their plan is now, but I can’t imagine this having set Beachy back too far so I pushed him back 2 weeks.
Anibal Sanchez 7/2/2013 Sanchez received good news in that there is no structural damage to his pitching shoulder.  Leyland and the Tigers think he could return after the initial 15 days, which would put him at around July 2.
Mark Teixeira 7/2/2013 Teixeira felt discomfort in his right wrist (the one previously injured), and an MRI revealed good news in that there is no re-injury or tear.  It appears to just be some soreness due to inflammation.  The Yankees are hoping some rest will take care of it and he can return in 2 weeks, but he is a huge queston mark at this point.  The looming shadow of surgery will hover over him for the rest of the season.  So far Teixeira has been a major bust, although a some-what known bust going into the season with the wrist injury.
David Price 7/2/2013 Price is pitching tonight in what should be 1 of only 2 necessary rehab starts before he returns to the Rays.  If all goes to plan that would have him returning around July 2nd or so. Fantasy owners have to hope this rest and time off somehow gets him back to form as his season was a disappointment before the injury, especially coming off of a Cy Young season.
Everth Cabrera 7/2/2013 Cabrera injured his hamstring mildly trying to steal second.  All reports indicate that he could very well return when eligible in early July.  He has been a stolen base machine this season, the major contributor to why he is owned.
Brett Lawrie 7/5/2013 Lawrie is about a week away from running the bases, and the next step is rehab games.  That puts him about 2 weeks out.  Jays manager Gibbons didn’t seem in a rush to get him back.  The Jays have been rolling of late, and to me it almost sounds like Lawrie is out of favor with the manager.  Gibbons is a bit of a maniac though so who knows?  Either way, Lawrie should be set to return around July 5th, but are those who have held on to him that excited about it? I wouldn’t be personally.
Alexi Ogando 7/5/2013 Ogando has been doing long toss, today being the second consecutive day.  He could go on a rehab assignment at the end of the month.  A week into July is the earliest he could come back if this is the case.
Ryan Braun 7/5/2013 Braun will not return from the DL when he is eligible.  The current timetable floating around is early July.  Thumb issues can be tricky, but I have no reason to doubt he’ll be back at that time.
AJ Burnett 7/17/2013 Burnett had his walking boot removed and threw some pitches from flat ground yesterday before the Pirates game.  The team said he is not close to a rehab assignment, let alone pitching from the mound.  My best guess is the after the All Star Game.
Carl Crawford 7/17/2013 Donnie Baseball said Crawford is only doing light workouts. The question of a rehab assignment isn’t even worth discussing right now. By the time he’d be ready to go on a rehab assignment it’d be a week before the All Star Break so my guess is the Dodgers will play it safe and give him that time too.  I am thinking after the break for Crawford, at best.  Kemp should be back before him and with Demigod Puig now in the mix, the Dodgers probably aren’t in too big of a hurry for Carl’s return.
Adam Eaton 7/17/2013 Eaton has been playing catch and could be about two weeks away from getting back to some full fledged rehab games (playing defense in addition to batting).  The timetable is mid-July, so around the All Star Break.  My guess is they’ll wait til after the break to play it safe. he is worth a stash if he is out there on your FA list if you have the DL spot open.
Corey Hart 7/19/2013 according to Tom Haudricourt, @haudricourt: “#Brewers GM Doug Melvin said on his WTMJ Radio show this morning that Corey Hart might not be back until after all-star break.” Hart was a late round value flyer in most leagues so I can’t say he is on the “team BUST” roster, but unless he does serious damage through August and fantasy playoffs, stashing him was a lost cause.
Troy Tulowitzki 7/20/2013 Tulo, recovering from a fractured rib might start some baseball activity next week.  His initial return timeframe was 4-6 weeks, and all reports are leaning towards after the All Star Game.  Tulo owners are no doubt frustrated, being that he has a bit of an injury track record.  The talent he possesses is so alluring, which is why he always goes so early in drafts.  I can’t imagine the replacement SS Tulo owners had to grab off the scrap pile while he’s out.  Can’t be fun though.
Curtis Granderson 7/20/2013 Granderson had the pins removed from his surgically repaired hand and has been cleared to begin some workouts.  Yankees GM Brian Cashman told Michael Kay of ESPN Radio in NY that Granderson should realistically be back “in the last 10 days of July”.
Ryan Vogelsong 7/22/2013 Vogelsong had all of the pins removed from his hand and can begin exercises. He is on the 60 Day DL and isn’t expected to return from his broken hand until after the All Star Game. To stash? or not to stash? He did look pretty good prior to brekaing his hand, its your call.  If your pitching is horrid, I say go for it if you have an open DL spot.
Alex Rodriguez 7/23/2013 ARod is facing live pitching and apparently doing really well.  His rehab has been faster than anticipated.  Controversies aside ARod should be back shortly after the All Star Game, and he will be the Yankees regular 3B now that Youkilis’ season is toast. Don’t concern yourself with suspension talk, if you have ARod, keep him stashed, if he is actually available on your FA list, stash him.  He could surprise us all and come back with some pop like he did in 09 after his first hip surgery.
Jake Peavy 7/23/2013 Peavy is riding a stationary bike, that’s the latest report. YAY!!! Track record goes a long way.  Siding on the long end of the initial 4-6 week return timeframe was the way to go for Peavy as the White Sox are not admitting he wont be back until after the break.   Late July for Peavy at best.  Owners should be satisfied with what they have gotten from him so far, considering his injury history.  Jake can be a top notch starter when he’s healthy, but there-in lies the rub.
Colby Lewis 7/25/2013 Lewis is still probably 10 days away from facing hitters, and then from there he will need to have a few starts to build himself back up.  I doubt he’ll be back until late July at best.  There’s always the chance for another setback too, as he has had a couple already.  Keep an eye out here.
Derek Jeter 8/1/2013 Jeter is taking BP and doing fielding drills.  The slow progression to full speed baseball activity is in motion.  He could return around the same time as ARod but I am still thinking end of July as more realistic.
Kevin Youkilis OUT FOR SEASON When Youkilis hit the shelf again to have back surgery last week it was told he was out 10-12 weeks.  For arguments sake lets call that 3 months which would put him at mid September.  His season is over and he can be dropped in all formats.  Youkilis is more of a name than anything now.  He has become severely unreliable, but owners who took a late round flyer on him can’t be disappointed. They knew what they were getting into.
Alex Cobb UNKNOWN The replays are impossible to watch wtihout turning away.  Thank God Cobb is ok considering he took a 100+mph line drive to the head.  He has been throwing to keep up his arm strength but appears to either have vertigo or some sort of post-concussion syndrome.  There is no timetable for his return obviously because of this, but I think we can all put fantasy baseball aside and be happy that he is going to eventually be ok.
Angel Pagan UNKNOWN Pagan crumbled to the ground running to first in a rehab game, clearly reinjuring his hamstring, and severely.  So much so that he had to be removed from the field on a groundskeeper’s cart.  The word surgery has been floated out there, which means he is going to be out for a while.  My best guess is at least a month.  Even players who leave the field on their own merit with hamstring issues have missed a month.  This could be long term. Keep a look out here.
Brett Anderson UNKNOWN Anderson is out until at least mid August.  He is in a walking boot for the next month. Then he would have to begin throwing, then bullpens, then live hitters, then a rehab assignment.  He is probably out until late August.  His fantasy value is extremely low at this point.  If you need the DL spot for another player, feel free to drop him.
Chris Carpenter UNKNOWN The former ace had a setback, as he felt discomfort in his back.  This is related to his previous injury so this could certainly thwart his plans at a comeback this year.  There is no expectation nor timetable for his return.  Stashers are holding on to hope at this point, hope that if he does come back they found Wonka’s golden ticket.  I respectfully disagree.
Brandon Morrow UNKNOWN – OUT INDEFINITELY Morrow has been shut down for now.  He felt additional discomfort in his throwing forearm.  An MRI showed no major problems but the Jays don’t want him throwing with the pain obviously.  He has entered the phantom zone aka there is no timetable for his return.
Josh Beckett UNKNOWN – OUT INDEFINITELY Beckett cost his team a fine for coming onto the field in the DBacks brawl because he was on the DL.  He is costing the Dodgers financially and performance wise now.  He can be dropped in all formats.  He is in the five man rotation for my 2013 TEAM BUST, which I will write a piece on later this season.
Cory Luebke UNKNOWN – OUT INDEFINITELY Sorry stashers, but Bud Black said that after a series of setbacks since Spring Training,Luebke may not pitch at all this season.  They are still saying possibly mid-August, but its doubtful.  If you need the spot for another player you can definitely can Luebke to the waiver wire.
Ryan Madson UNKNOWN – OUT INDEFINITELY Madson may be able to resume throwing this weekend.  I think his season is toast. 12 teams or less mixed leagues can drop him without thinking twice.  His prognosis has not improved once all season.  All setbacks. Plus Frieri owns that closer spot right now. If you’re counting on Madson to help your team in the second half, you probably have bigger concerns.
Roy Halladay UNKNOWN – OUT INDEFINITELY Halladay’s on the 60-day DL. He could be back for the last month of the season, but thats impossible to determine until he starts some form of throwing after he rehabs post-surgery. Based on how he has pitched this year, his age, and the surgery, his fantasy value for this season is very low.
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