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2014-15 Fantasy Basketball: Weekly Leaders — Who’s Hot?

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Draymond Green
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In this article we will be going over the top 10 players in each major statistical category (excluding percentages). We will list and review each category to give you the best analysis for your fantasy basketball league. Everything you need to know about the hottest players of the week.

1. Kevin Durant, OKC 39.0
2. Kyrie Irving, CLE 27.7
3. James Harden, HOU 27.2
4. LaMarcus Aldridge, POR 26.5
5. Kyle Lowry, TOR 25.7
6. Marreese Speights, GS 24.5
7. Jeff Teague, ATL 23.7
8. Andrew Wiggins, MIN 22.7
8. Paul Millsap, ATL 22.7
10. Stephen Curry, GS 22.5

There is one man on this list who clearly is a shock. That’s Speights. What a week he had for his fantasy owners. It just adds to the shock when you keep reading and Curry is below him. Great week for the big guy. However, there are two much more important things on this list. The fact that Durant is a top this list shows that he is healthy and ready to roll, which is for his owners. Also, Wiggins is beginning to come in to his own. If he can develop in to the player he is expected to be that could be a game changer.

1. Stephen Curry, GS 10.5
2. John Wall, WAS 10.5
3. Chris Paul, LAC 9.3
4. Kobe Bryant, LAL 8.7
5. Ty Lawson, DEN 8.5
6. Jeff Teague, ATL 8.3
7. Draymond Green, GS 8.0
7. Kyle Lowry, TOR 8.0
9. Elfrid Payton, ORL 7.8
10. 2 tied with 7.3 (Lillard and Augustine)


Payton is the guy to watch here. He is playing very well from a fantasy standpoint and may be worth an add. It’s strange seeing Kobe up here again. I really don’t believe anyone expects this to continue all season. Also, you have to love what Green is doing right now.

1. Andre Drummond, DET 19.7
2. Tyson Chandler, DAL 14.0
3. Kenneth Faried, DEN 13.8
4. DeAndre Jordan, LAC 13.7
5. Tristan Thompson, CLE 12.8
6. Anthony Davis, NO 12.7
6. Cole Aldrich, NYK 12.7
8. LaMarcus Aldridge, POR 12.5
9. Jared Sullinger, BOS 11.0
10. 2 tied with 10.5 (Noah and Dr. Green)

What a number by Drummond. He has two games of at least 20 boards this week and his down game was 17. This kid is very young and very good. He’s only going to get better. It’s nice to see Faried playing well too. This kid has a ton of potential and if he meets it will be unstoppable. With Anderson Verajao most likely out for the season, Thompson will frequent this list. He’s a must add at this point. Aldrich is a guy to watch but don’t get ahead of yourself.

1. Pau Gasol, CHI 4.3
2. Giannis Antetokounmpo, MIL 3.3
3. Andre Drummond, DET 3.0
4. Rudy Gobert, UTA 2.8
5. John Henson, MIL 2.7
6. Draymond Green, GS 2.5
6. Jusuf Nurkic, DEN 2.5
8. 4 tied with 2.3

Gasol to continues to impress in Chicago, he has been an excellent source of fantasy production. He has greatly exceeded expectations. Gobert is beginning to find himself a staple on this list. He is great stream if you need a few blocks. Antetokounmpo is also developing in to the player scouts expected him to be.

1. Draymond Green, GS 3.0
1. Brandon Knight, MIL 3.0
1. Kevin Garnett, BKN 3.0
4. Victor Oladipo, ORL 2.8
4. Trevor Ariza, HOU 2.8
6. Russell Westbrook, OKC 2.7
6. Thabo Sefolosha, OKC 2.7
6. Jeff Teague, ATL 2.7
6. Tony Allen, MEM 2.7
10. 5 tied with 2.3

If you haven’t caught on yet, Green has had one hell of a week. As a matter of fact he’s had one hell of a season. With that said, there aren’t really any surprises here. A lot of familiar faces. Guys will rotate on and off this list. A lot of these guys will be here again and again.

1. Wesley Matthews, POR 5.0
1. Jodie Meeks, DET 5.0
1. Kevin Durant, OKC 5.0
4. C.J. Miles, IND 4.3
5. Stephen Curry, GS 4.0
6. James Harden, HOU 3.6
7. Brandon Jennings, DET 3.3
7. Kyle Korver, ATL 3.3
9. 5 tied with 3.0

Meeks had a great week and is playing well now that Josh Smith was shipped out of town. He is a nice add right now. Ride out his hot streak. Miles is another surprise but he could keep this up. Indiana needs offense and he’s a guy who can get hot and put up these kinds of numbers. Not consistently but sporadically. All the other guys are regulars. Matthews is such a great and overlooked source of 3s, every year.

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