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Barry Zito

We all know nothing in sports is better than a comeback story. Especially players who come back from devastating injuries or even juicier drug addicted tales. 2010 is different. Nothing major happened with these guys, they just slowly fell out of out the limelight. The most interesting thing about these 3 is that it all went downhill after 2006.

Zito's troubles came when the Giants signed him for a brazzillion gazzillion dollars. The pressure to perform literally destroyed him.¬†Barry had an amazing 102-63 record before joining the Giants, but the past three years he's sadly 31-43. Thats means the Giants paid him about $1.75 million for each one of those wins. I personally think a player should have to return some of that money when they suck that bad. 2010 seems to be his rebirth with a 3-0 record, 1.32 ERA and 0.84 Whip. San Fran has the nastiest 4 headed monster in the league right now with Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez and Zito. Now if they could only hit…

Wells was top dog in our neutral neighbor up north from 2002-06. Many factors added into his powerless 07 season, when he dropped from 32 bingers to just 16. 2008-09 were filled with injuries and I think its safe to assume that we all thought his days of glory were over. Finally this year he is healthy and on a tear. Don’t look for him to slow down any time soon. Just want to point out here that someone offered me Wells for Howard and as good as that sounds right now, Im not an idiot.

And then there’s Jones. He’s probably the biggest drop off of the 3. His numbers were redunkulous from 1998-2006. His ’05 and ’06 numbers were off the chart. And then (yeah you guessed it) 2007 happened. He still hit 26 hrs but his average dropped 40 points to .222. The Dodgers and Rangers tried out the new fatter and lazier Jones but for some reason they didn’t want a slob, go figure. Come 2010 and Jones is off to a hot start. He’s curbed his eating habits, seems to be happy again and already has 6 homers. Out of the 3 he’s probably the easiest to pick up in all leagues right now, so take a shot.

Is there a moral to this story? No, but its exciting to watch.

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