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Mark Teixeira

Now is as good time as any to start eyeing those year after year solid players who are off to a slow start. Even though its early in the season many managers may be getting the itch if their top player just isn’t performing. Like the stock market, people bail way too early and its your job to reap the rewards. The key though isn’t to make a ridiculous offer just because they are ranked low. DO NOT, i repeat do not offer Kelly Johnson for Hanley Ramirez even though he is ranked 200 spots higher. Make a legitimate offer with room to negotiate.

Here a list of the top ranked players off to a slow start who you should focus on trading for:

Hanley Ramirez
His numbers aren’t horrible, but for the number 2 ranked player they should certainly be much higher. Once he’s gets into the swing of things, those 2 homers will be long forgotten. He’s young and only going to get better. This year will be no exception.

Mark Teixeira
Mr. Consistency will undoubtedly make the turnaround soon and there is no such thing as a scoring drought on the Yankees. His 162 game average is an unreal 37 homers, 102 runs and 120 RBIs . You really think this year will be any different? He is number one on my list for slowest start with the most potential.

Prince Fielder
The Prince of Milwaukee only has 2 home runs so far and this has every manager scared shitless. Bottomline, Fielder’s homers and RBI’s will come and they will come big. Fielder’s 162 game average is 38/92/108. Even if he falls back to his 2008 numbers you still will be getting All-Star stats.

Ryan Zimmerman
Capital Hill’s big man on campus is a young star rising. Last year’s numbers may be his top, especially playing for the Nationals, but minus his 2008 injury year his numbers have been pretty consistent and there isn’t one expert out there who isn’t high on this guy. He only has 2 homers and 10 rbi’s so far but at lest he’s batting .326. Keep an eye on the hamstring of course…

Aramis Ramirez
Ramirez is batting so piss poor right now, you can get him for dirt cheap right now. Hell he’s even been dropped in a few leagues, so pick him up and hold onto him until he finds his stride. Last year’s injuries may have set him back a bit, but 2004-08 he averaged 31 hrs and 105 rbis.

Jason Bay
The curse of the Mets lives on! What’s worse, getting paid a boat load of money and playing for the Mets or gracing the cover of Madden and guaranteeing injury? Hmm, its a toss up. Ok I’m over exaggerating but still, Bay’s numbers won’t come near what he did in Boston last year. He finally hit his FIRST homer and is batting a measly .269. This being said, Bay has ridiculous career averages with 32/101/106. Even a horrible season for Bay will still get him 25 homers and 80 rbis/runs.

Justin Verlander
Verlander hopefully isn’t taking us on a rollercoaster ride. His 2008 numbers scared everyone but he bounced back with a vengeance last year. So far he has a 5.53 ERA with a 1.45 WHIP and this is undoubtedly killing someone’s categories so he’s a good trade candidate. Should we be a little scared that he may have a 2008 year again? Sure, but fantasy baseball is all about taking risks and this Tiger has humongous reward!

Jon Lester
It’s looking like Beantown may not be the same solid team as years past. Lester is off to a horrible start with a 6.23 ERA and 1.75 WHIP but the good thing is he is averaging a K per inning. He’s been one of the best pitchers the past two years and although he may get a few less wins this year he will be still be a dominant force.

Javier Vazquez
The one thing we know is that the Yankees win. And although he is 1-3 with a 9.00 ERA the wins will come by seasons end. Javy has been dropped in a lot of leagues and there isn’t a reason in hell not to pick him up and wait till he gets hot. He’s only a career .500 winner but averages around 12-15 wins a season and that’s especially great if your league doesn’t have a loss column. Oh and by the way he averages 200Ks a year!

Josh Beckett
See Jon Lester above. Same story. Yeah its a cop-out, but it’s midnight and I’m tired. Sue me!(please don’t sue me, I have no money, in fact everyone that reads this please send me $1)

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