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“Chasing” The San Diego Dream


Chase Headley is on a roll and finally so are the red hot Padres. 
The first thing you’ll notice on the depth chart is that there are only two veterans in the starting lineup with Adrian Gonzalez and David Eckstein (although the only thing that makes Eckstein a veteran is his tenure and definitely not his performance).

Having a young team can be a hard thing to watch for a sports fan because usually it means years of losses. But it also means that these young guys are going to grow together and learn from each others mistakes. 

With Headley leading the way, we see other players making a mark, like the Monster Kyle Blanks, Will Venable, and Everth Cabrera. Their starting pitching isn’t top notch but their highest ERA at the moment is 3.57 and with bullpen aces like Heath Bell and Mike Adams things look halfway decent. If they can add one or two veteran starting pitchers next year, these Padres might actually have a chance at winning the west division (hell its early in the season, but they could even do it this year).

So we come back to Headley. He was halfway decent in his first full season last year but things seem to be different in 2010. Batting .355 with 12 RBIs and 5 Stolen Bases already (he only had 10 all year in 09). By the way he’s 2-2 today which means, he must know I’m writing this article about him.

I’m looking for solid numbers this year from Chase. As long as the Padres keep winning I think we can expect 15-20 hr / 75-80 runs + rbis / and 15 stolen bases. Are they all-star numbers? No definitely not, but he’s only owned in 65% of Yahoo Leagues so chances are he’s out there. Ride him while he’s hot!
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