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Mat Latos

What has gotten into these pitchers? Did Braden sell his soul to the devil?
Is Moyer a superhuman clone? Can Cueto shift time and space around him? This last week we had 3 complete game shutouts and 3 8-inning shutouts. 
The real question is: Who’s LEGIT and who’s gonna QUIT?

Dallas Braden
9 IP 0H 6K 
Braden made history with the 19th perfect game. He's joined some of baseball's greats on that list. Dallas has a big heart and some decent skills. 
Decision: SPLIT

Johnny Cueto
9 IP 1H 8K
1 Hit. 1 Damn Hit.  So close to perfection…then again, it was against the Pirates. 
Cueto has a career of ups and downs. Who the hell knows what you will get the next game. 
Decision: QUIT

Jamie Moyer
9 IP 2H 5K
As if things couldn’t get worse for Atlanta, an old crotchety man name Moyer comes and whoops you. Love the story, but its a one time deal.
Decision: QUIT

Mat Latos
8 IP 2H 9K
Latos has pitched 2 gems so far this year on the surprisingly hot Padres. Can the Padres keep it all season? Probably not, but Latos will perform while the team is jiving.  
Decision: SPLIT
UPDATE: Latos just threw a complete game 1 hitter, giving him 17 IP 3H 15K in the past two games.
He certainly is making a case for the LEGIT list.

Clayton Kershaw
8 IP 2H 9K
Take away Kershaw’s 1 inning 7 run explosive diarrhea game against Milwaukee and he is having a pretty decent start to the season. 200Ks here we come.
Decision: LEGIT

Tommy Hanson
8 IP 4H 8K
This guy is the real deal. The future of the Braves is Hanson & Heyward. 
He should come close to 200Ks as well.
Decision: LEGIT

What are your opinions? Are these guys Legit or are they gonna Quit?
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