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He’s A Pirate, SO, He Must Steal!


Andrew McCutchen

I have to say writing these headlines is possibly the best part of my job. Whats hard though is keeping them clean, because with corny headlines usually comes a bad joke. Well no joke here, Andrew McCutchen is the real deal and certainly the only hope the Pirates have of being a decent team. Yeah, Garret Jones is off to a hot start but his average has already dipped to around .200, so if anyone is going to lead this team its gonna be McCutchen.

He's robs and steals bases like a true Pirate would. Only 5-10 and a buck-seventy-five, he's built for speed (not pleasure). But there's more… he has power! It seems like all the speedy guys these days are lucky to even get on base. Look at players like Bourn, Furcal, Morgan, Gomez, Pierre, Podsednik, Davis – they can all steal, but can they hit homers and drive in runs? The only other speedy guy with real power out there is Crawford and we all know what a fantasy gem he is.

I’ve been waiting for the opportune moment to write about McCutch and today is as good as it gets. Four for Seven with 2 homers and 2 rbis – not too shabby. You say, but no stolen bases? Its okay, we can let him slide one game, he is leading the league after all.

I’ve been high on Andrew since early last year and knew we had a special player on our hands when he hit 3 homers and had 6 RBIs against the Nationals. Sure he was Minor League Player of the Year for the Pirates and then Baseball America’s Rookie of the Year in 2009, but so many of these guys come and go. Its a great sign to see him off to such a solid start. Russell has given him the green light this year and he’s already stolen 10 bases while only being caught twice.

So what can we legitimately expect from a sophomore player who may hit some slumps? Well in 3/4 of a season he had 12 homers, 74 runs, 54 rbis and 22 stolen bases. A full season of 600 ABs at that pace would get him around 15 hrs/92 runs/68 rbis and 28 stolen bases. I know that his RBIs will never be amazing but they will legit. If I were to guess at final 2010 numbers I’m thinking 23-25 hrs/100+ runs and 75 rbis. Here’s the treat though, I don’t see a reason in the world why he can’t double or even triple his stolen bases from last year! He’s quick and smart and the only thing that will get these Pirates wins in 2010 is running those bases for runs – because their pitching SUCKS!

Oh we Oh a pirate's life for me! Damn that songs gonna be stuck in my head all night…

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