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So Long Frankie!!

So long Frankie!!

To be frank, (sorry couldn't help myself) I never expected him to be the best closer with the name Francisco in the league but I still had high hopes for him. He started off so damn hot when CJ WIlson went down in 2009. 

Coming back from surgery this year, i thought he would put up a fight with Feliz breathing down his neck, but boy was I wrong. The back to back blown saves lost him the job, but since there wasn’t anything special in the way of available relievers in my league I figured I’d hold onto him and see what happened.

Well he blew his 3rd game in 13 games, so Im gonna say farewell Frankie, its been nice knowing you. 

On a side note – congrats to anyone who picked up Rodney for the quick 5 saves he got before Fuentes comes back today.

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So Long Frankie!!!

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