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Matt Wieters.He’s graced the cover of Sports Illustrated and is hyped as the Orioles future.
The future may have wait a few years though. The truth is, as good a player he is, he can't do it on his own and his statistics will suffer if the players around him don't step up to the plate. The Orioles are 2-11 right now and most certainly will finish last in the AL East. 

Trust me I see big things for this guy, but its going to be a slow process, building his numbers over the next few years. Its a young team and there is great potential in players like Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Brian Roberts and pitching gem hopeful Brian Matusz.

I drafted Wieters in the 11th last year, jumping on the boat a little too early. My hope really was that he would show enough potential that I could use him as a keeper but I just didn’t see enough there. And as early as the season is right now, I’m glad I didn’t use him as a keeper.

That being said, his numbers will still be fairly decent by years end probably ending up with a .285 average, 20-25 homers and 80-90 rbis. If you drafted Wieters late enough, those numbers aren’t half bad. I’d actually say right now is an opportune time to make an offer for the “big bird” since he’s only batting .267 / 1 hr / 3 rbis. If you’re in a keeper league he will hopefully be the #2 catcher for years to come, only behind reigning MVP champ Joe Mauer.

Bottomline, be patient with Wieters, his time in the sky will come.

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