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The Byrd is the Word


Marlon Byrd

Its been a long time coming. Finally a team that believes in you. Finally a team that will get you the at bats you deserve. Now its true that Bryd hadn’t shown real signs of greatness until last year on Texas, but its looking like Marlon is a fine wine.

Beasting at .345, Byrd has the 3rd highest NL batting average, and is on pace to hit 31hrs. He's also in the top 15 in RBIs and Runs with a few swipes too.  Being on a losing team hasn't stopped Byrd either. With Lee and Ramirez ice cold so far, Byrd has been the backbone of this offense.

For all you doubters out there Lee and Ramirez WILL turn it around. It may take a bit but they are too good to continue on this pace for a full season. Soriano started off slow but has picked it up and has 6 multi-hit games in the past 12. Soto is a man reborn, coming back strong from a dismal 2009. Fukudome is putting up great numbers too and the young prodigies of Colvin and Castro will show they belong in the majors.

I see Byrd’s numbers staying on pace once this Cubs team gets running on all cylinders. Ok, so they still have a pitching problem but that just means that the batters will have to pick up the slack.

A-well-a everybody’s heard about the byrd
B-b-b-byrd, byrd, byrd, b-byrd’s the word

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The Byrd is the Word

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