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David Price

David Price is hosting the Price is Right in 2010, so move over Drew Carey.
He's got keeper material written all over him. Oh yeah, it doesn't hurt to play for the Rays who are being compared to the 1998 Yankees. Things are looking good in Tampa…

David Price is rolling in the Wins right now thanks to the red hot Rays. While some players are pitching all-star seasons and just not getting the wins (Roy Oswalt, Doug Fister, Zack Greinke, Johnathan Sanchez) – Price is top top dog in the AL and only behind only Ubaldo Jiminez for the whole league. Posting a 1.81 ERA through 8, he is definitely showing while he was the number 1 pick of 2007.

Price’s next start this Sunday is against the slumping Astros and should be a breeze. His start after that is against the White Sox who handed him his only loss of the season but even the Sox aren’t much of a threat these days. In his next game after the loss, he absolutely dominated the Jays, holding them to 4 hits and over 9 IP and zero runs. And get this – if all goes according to plan, Price will get 2 straight starts against the Blue Jays after the Sox. If he really has their number, we might be looking at a 10-1 record. Even with the Jays 5-7 AL East record, this may be wishful thinking, since they are much more offensively sound than either the Astros or White Sox at the moment.

2010 thus far is turning out to be the year of the pitcher and Price is right up there leading the way. I ended up drafting him in the 16th round this year and he averaged around a 13-15th pick in most 12 team leagues. Price is going to be a dominant force for many years and I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that he will be a lot of owner’s keeper for next year.

Come on down David Price – you are the next contestant!

How many wins do you think Price will get this year? Will he lead the league?
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