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Fantasy Basketball Daily Fix: NBA DFS Plays for February 11th

Steph CurryComing into the All Star Break, we only have a few more days of action. Things are getting kind of crazy with injuries lately, so I can’t think of a better time for some days off. Tonight we have seven games to look at in the NBA, which seems to be just the right amount of games to pick from. There should be even more injury news later to help with value, but for now here is who I’m liking on DraftKings tonight.

Point Guard

Isaiah Thomas had a great game against the Wizards just two nights ago putting up 49 fantasy points. He shot 11 of 24 from the field and even added eight assists. The Cavs are terrible against guards and showed it against the Kings earlier this season when Thomas scored 26 points against them. He had a 44-fantasy point night in that game, which is about where I’m thinking he’s good for tonight as long as he gets his shots.

Goran Dragic is a little more expensive on DraftKings tonight, but he has been worth it lately. Not only is he averaging 44 fantasy points per game in his last four, but he’s coming off probably his best game of the season when he went for 34/2/10. So, we know he’s been great, but how great has he been? Well, Dragic has shot over 60% in five of his last seven games and he is putting up 20+ points on the regular while taking more than 15 shots just twice in his last ten games.

Shooting Guard

Courtney Lee continues to stay under the radar in terms of pricing, so I’m going to keep taking advantage of it. He has put up 10+ real points in four straight games, which has resulted in four straight games of 21+ fantasy points. I’d like to see him continue getting rebounds tonight against the Wizards, but he might make us money via steals against them. He has five steals in his last two games.

Gordon Hayward plays the Lakers and we know what that means. When in doubt, pick the player that is playing against the Lakers. Tonight Hayward is that guy and he won’t even cost us a cent over 7k. He’s averaging 44 fppg in two games against them this season. Hayward hadn’t been playing that great recently, so it was nice to see him put up 41 fantasy points and almost a triple double in his last game. It sounds like Trey Burke won’t be playing tonight, so if that’s the case expect more shots and him handling the ball more often.

Small Forward

Marvin Williams is another Jazz player I’m on tonight, but I’m not 100% sold on him. He’s probably the guy I like the least on this list, but he’s got a nice midrange price and he’s been balling lately. He has three straight games of 21+ points and 32+ fantasy points. He can rebound (see his 8, 10, and 11 rebound games just a few games ago) and can obviously shoot. He has taken 15+ shots in three straight games and should continue to keep throwing them up as long as Burke is out and if Hayward wants to be lame about shooting. His loss is our gain though as picking Williams gives us a guy who can shoot and rebound all in one.

James Johnson is easily worth considering when looking at today’s small forwards and just like his teammate Lee, he has gone for 20+ fantasy points in four straight games. He has 22 fppg in his last six games thanks to scoring more (10.7) and continuing to rebound (3.7) while adding all the other stuff. The Wizards play at a nice pace and with Johnson now shooting a bit more (8+ attempts in his last five) I like him as a cheap small forward.

Power Forward

Taj Gibson and Carlos Boozer are in play tonight against the Hawks at home. Whichever one starts is the guy you want (Boozer might not play tonight), so keep an eye on it, but it’ll be worth it. The Hawks have Paul Millsap as a solid big, but the rest are not that great. Gibson is the guy I’m hoping gets the start due to his last few games with big minutes. He has put up 37 and 56 fantasy points in his last two games. In those two games, Gibson has averaged nine rebounds, three assists, two blocks, and two steals.

Josh McRoberts is not a sexy pick by any means, but his price is low enough where he helps you fit in the studs that you need to win. He had a great game against the Mavericks earlier this season almost putting up a double double (10/8/3/3) in 29 minutes of action. He hasn’t balled out lately, but for a low price and a good matchup, I can put up with his 21+ fantasy points in three of his last four games.


Joakim Noah makes me do my happy dance and there’s good reason for it. He’s back to being under 8k on DraftKings and he is red hot right now. His last three fantasy totals are 50, 37, and 38. In those three games he’s averaging 13 points, 12 rebounds, and five assists. The Hawks are a prime matchup for him and they’re a team he has already done well against this season. He put up 38 fantasy points against them earlier this season in 34 minutes.

DeMarcus Cousins has been on this list often and with good reason. He has something like 18 or 19 double doubles in a row coming into this game and is still in the mid 9k range. He had a very average game two nights ago, but I expect him to get back to his monster ways against the Cavs tonight. He only put up 36 fantast points against them in 29 minutes earlier this season, but he’ll be facing off against different guys tonight. Varejao might not play tonight, so that means guys like Bennett and Zeller will have to pick up the slack in minutes. Can you see any of those two plus Tristan Thompson stopping DMC? I can’t.

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    The Mavericks upgrade in the paint with the return of Tyson Chandler. He pulled down an average of 9.6 RPG in the 2013-14 season, though he only played in 55 games. His defensive play is where is true value shines, however, as tyson_chandlerChandler is a great rim protector that can make an opposing offense think twice about coming in the painted area. On the other hand; Raymond Felton is a little less appealing after his most recent season, as he only put up 9.6 PPG (39.5%-31.8%-72.1%) in 65 games, so it will be interesting to see what happens with him in the upcoming season.

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