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Tuesday’s DFS NBA

Tuesday’s NBA action only consists of five games. I’m not too excited about them tonight, but it’s a grind. There are no days off for DFS folk. There are currently three games with double digit spreads (MIA/CLE, MIL/POR, and ORL/GS), so beware of using more than three guys from each game.


Isaiah Thomas ($15,786) has had success against Washington this season and he’s also doing well right now. Against the Wizards this season he had a 30-point game and even added eight assists and three steals. Lately, Thomas has added 20+ points, three rebounds, and five assists in at least three straight games. He’s shooting 43% from the field in his last two weeks, so he won’t be killing your squad with negatives.

Kyle Lowry ($17,648) is hard to pass up after his last two games. In those games, he went for 28/5/13/2/1 and 22/7/12/1/1. He hasn’t had too much success against the Hawks, but they’re on a back-to-back while the Raptors had the day off. Lowry’s fresh legs should help him improve on his 16/4/8/1 average against the Hawks this season.

Jameer Nelson ($11,827) is a sort-of hunch play tonight against the Trail Blazers. The spread is pretty big, but you can’t avoid every big spread game, as there are too many of them tonight. With Nelson, you’re getting a good matchup against Damian Lillard and a guy that has taken more shots than usual lately. He has taken 16 and 12 shots in his last two games and is still posting above average assist numbers.


David Lee ($13,995) has a great matchup going up against the Magic tonight. Their big men are thin and that should allow Lee to put up good numbers. He has struggled recently, but that’s been due to low minutes in his last game and the inability to put up bigger rebound numbers. Well, that should end tonight against the Magic, a team he put up 22/9/2/0/2 on earlier in the season.

Amir Johnson ($11,971) is a good option for me tonight for a few reasons. I like that he has taken 10+ shots in four straight games and has averaged 17 points per game with it. He had a weak rebounding night in his last game, but he had eight rebounds against the Hawks earlier in the season. This is because the Hawks are still thin at the PF/C position throwing out guys like Elton Brand and Pero Antic for decent minutes every night.


Spencer Hawes ($13,933) was great for me two games ago when he went for 22 points and 13 rebounds, and I think he does it for me again tonight. Against the Heat, he faces the same guys he’s averaging 17/9/3 against in two games. Hawes has taken 10+ shots in nine of his last ten games and has shot over 44% in four straight. Tonight is one of those nights where he gets to ten rebounds and hits value.

Robin Lopez (12,662) has taken over a bigger role since the injury to LaMarcus Aldridge and that’s why I think he can hit value tonight. Lopez faces the Bucks tonight, a great matchup for big men. In this bigger role, Lopez has taken 12 and 13 shots. On the season, Lopez is only averaging 7.8 shots per game. Also, at home Lopez has better numbers. He averages 1.7 more rebounds and 2.7 more points.

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