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Week 7’s Must or Bust


Travis Snider

Jose Bautista – 34% of Y! Leagues
8 R /  4 HRS / 8 RBI / .444 BA
Bautista is smoking hot right now, but unless you happened to have him for the last week, don’t go waste your time. Granted he’s shown signs of being a decent hitter over the years, it has always come in short burst. His career batting average is a measly .238.

Luke Scott – 9% of Y! Leagues
4 R /  3 HRS /8 RBI / .500 BA
Scott has increased his power numbers over his 5 year career. He should be able increase on those numbers again this year but you will have to deal with his extremely low BA.

Cody Ross – 29% of Y! Leagues
8 R /  1 HR / 4 RBI / .417 BA
Another big bat looking to increase on his career numbers just like Scott. The upside to picking up Ross over Scott is Cody actually can keep a decent batting average.

David Ortiz – 54% of Y! Leagues
3 R /  2 HRS / 7 RBI / .381 BA
Big Papi might not be the Beantown monster that we all grew up to love (or hate as a Yankee fan) but he’s still got some homers to hit. Two multi homer games in the past two weeks which also include a 7 game hitting streak. If you need power, pick him up while he’s in his groove.

Russell Branyan – 7% of Y! Leagues
4 R /  4 HRS / 7 RBI / .333 BA
For Branyan’s career he has hit one homer in every 3.5 at bats. That either tells us he is one of the best home run hitters ever or he only swings for the fences. Im going with the latter. Branyan did hit 31 bingers last year, but you should only go near him in deep leagues where you are losing homers weekly.

Troy Glaus – 13% of Y! Leagues
5 R /  3 HRS / 7 RBI / .417 BA
He is only one season removed from hitting 27 homers and 99 rbis. Minus injuries Glaus has been a NL consistent for over a decade. He’s definitely worth the pickup and keeping your fingers crossed he plays a full season.

Brennan Boesch – 18% of Y! Leagues
3 R / 1 HR / 8 RBI / .481 BA
Another Tiger rookie on fire! Boesch is making a very strong case for fantasy owners with a large payout in power numbers. If you have the space on your roster, take a shot on him now because he won’t be there later.

Travis Snider – 13% of Y! Leagues
3 R / 2 HR / 7 RBI / .481 BA
Im going to continue to watch Snider over the next month or so and see what he does. I feel like he should be breaking out into the great player he can be, its just a matter of time. Travis still needs to put together another few weeks of production before I would consider adding him to any team though.

Joel Pineiro – 33% of Y! Leagues
15 IP / 1 W / 12 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.72 WHIP
Fifteen scoreless innings! Complete game shutout! Pineiro does this every season – pitches a gem then implodes. If you have the stomach to get a bi-polar pitcher, then Joel is the guy for you. Congrats to those who had him the past two games though!

Johnny Cueto – 43% of Y! Leagues
9 IP / 1 W / 8 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.11 WHIP
1 hitter! So close to perfection. A career of ups and downs… be very leery with Cueto – you never know what you will get from game to game.

Mat Latos  – 39% of Y! Leagues
9 IP / 1 W / 6 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.11 WHIP
Latos is the real deal. 3 hits in the past 17 innings! He’s still only owned in 39% of leagues so make the room because he won’t disappoint.

Homer Bailey – 6% of Y! Leagues
9 IP / 1 W / 6 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.44 WHIP
A nice guy to keep an eye on but pitching 1 good game doesn’t make up for the first 6 crappy ones. Show me another gem or two and we’ll talk.

Daisuke Matsuzaka – 44% of Y! Leagues
7 IP / 1 W / 9 K / 1.29 ERA / 0.43 WHIP
Is Dice-K finally back? We may never see his 2008 numbers again, but that last start makes him a prime pickup.

Joe Saunders – 13% of Y! Leagues
9 IP / 1 W / 6 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.67 WHIP
Take that Dallas Braden! Not only did Saunders out-duel Braden, he threw a 4-hitter! Saunders won’t ever get you a ton of Ks or a fantastic ERA but his 50-27 record tells us, he likes to WIN!

Evan Meek – 15% of Y! Leagues
6 IP / 1 W / 6 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.83 WHIP
Meek continues to make his mark as possibly the best set-up man in the game.
His .72 ERA and 26 Ks help even out any fantasy lineup. Dotel seems to have tightened his grip on the closer spot for now but Meek is making his Mark.

Derek Holland – 15% of Y! Leagues
6 IP / 1 W / 7 K / 0.00 ERA / 1.00 WHIP
After a dismal end to 2009, Holland is back taking the place of Matt Harrison. Holland did throw a few gems before he fell apart last year and his first game back was a good sign. Let’s keep an eye on him…

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