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Week 8's Must or Bust – Encarnacion, Richard, Cueto & Kennedy


Clayton Richard

Edwin Encarnacion
– 15% of Y! Leagues

7 R /  6 HRS / 11 RBI / .368 BA
Hitting 6 homers in 6 games is what we like to call going on a tear. We’re only one year removed from Edwin hitting 26 dingers. Who does this guy think he is…Jose Bautista?

Adam LaRoche – 54% of Y! Leagues
8 R /  3 HRS / 8 RBI / .435 BA
LaRoche has put up 5 straight solid seasons and it’s really surprising he isn’t owned more in leagues. He might not get you 100 runs or rbis but isn’t 25/75/85 worth having on your team?

Mike Napoli – 54% of Y! Leagues
5 R /  4 HRS / 9 RBI / .381 BA
Well, well, well. Look who’s having a John Buck week. He really hasn’t done anything before this week, but his career stats are pretty solid for a catcher.

Jose Guillen – 61% of Y! Leagues
8 R /  3 HRS / 6 RBI / .370 BA
Guillen started off crazy hot until May when we watched his average drop over 50 points but it looks like he’s making another run. Guillen has always been a streaky player so be prepared to have a strong stomach.

Laynce Nix – 1% of Y! Leagues
5 R /  3 HRS / 7 RBI / .533 BA
Nix had a hot week but its a matter of compiling the ABs to deserve a fantasy roster.

Scott Rolen – 43% of Y! Leagues
4 R /  3 HRS / 9 RBI / .389 BA
Yes he’s old and hasn’t put up decent numbers since 2006, but he was a proven all-star for many years. His career average is solid and he’s already hit 10 homers (1 less than all of 2008). Old-man comeback award?

Casey Blake – 47% of Y! Leagues
5 R /  3 HRS / 6 RBI / .423 BA
Casey at the bat, had a good week but his career average seems to be around 20/80/75 so don’t expect anything better this year. Could ride a spot in deeper leagues.

Corey Patterson – 2% of Y! Leagues
6 R /  1 HR / 4 RBI / .276 BA
He’s got the job until Roberts returns and that could still be a while away. Could be a good pickup for temporary steals in deeper leagues.

Corey Hart – 39% of Y! Leagues
6 R /  4 HRS / 6 RBI / .250 BA
2007-08 were great but ’09 was a dud. Looks like Hart is on his way back baby.

Luke Scott – 34% of Y! Leagues
8 R /  2 HRS / 3 RBI / .385 BA
Scott was on my list last week and he hasn’t stopped yet. Another solid week of hitting and he’s raised his average to a respectable .273

Edwin Jackson
– 53% of Y! Leagues

15.2 IP / 2 W / 21 K / 2.87 ERA / 0.77 WHIP
After a stellar 2009, Jackson is making owners woozy with his up and down pitching. The only bright spot is that in the past 4 starts he’s average 9Ks. Looks like its just taking some time to get used to the Diamondback’s system.

Gio Gonzalez – 22% of Y! Leagues
15 IP / 2 W / 9 K / 1.80 ERA / 0.73 WHIP
He’s certainly started off stronger than last year and went 8 innings in his last start which was his longest outing of his short career. In fact Gio only went 7 innings once last year and already has 4 games of 7 or more. He’s got great potential and I think everyone is waiting for him to break out of his shell.

Clayton Richard – 30% of Y! Leagues
14 IP / 2 W / 11 K / 1.29 ERA / 0.93 WHIP
Let’s take a ride on the Padres train. Richard and Latos are making a strong case for the best one-two punch in the national league. Clayton has only given up 4 runs in the past 3 games and all for wins. An ERA at 2.73, Richard is a must pickup in any league right now.

Sean Marshall – 13% of Y! Leagues
5 IP / 2 W / 7 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.80 WHIP
Need a middle relief guy to keep your ERA + WHIP down? Marshall is your guy. You’ll get a win here and there too. And the topping, 30K in 23 innings.

Johnny Cueto – 60% of Y! Leagues
13 IP / 2 W / 12 K / 2.08 ERA / 1.08 WHIP
Cueto has had a history of up and down games but in his past three he’s only given up 3 runs in 22 innings plus had 20Ks. Good pickup if he’s around.

Frank Francisco – 40% of Y! Leagues
5 IP / 1 W / 9 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.60 WHIP
Frankie lost the closer job and most likely wont get it back unless Feliz gets injured or a house falls on him but he’s looking like one of the best middle relievers at the moment. Zero runs in the past 8 games! My prediction is Francisco will end up on another team by next year and have closer duties again (probably the Orioles since they go through closers every month or two).

Ian Kennedy – 35% of Y! Leagues
8 IP / 1 W / 9 K / 1.12 ERA / 0.75 WHIP
Kennedy is looking better and better in 2010. He was one of the top Yankee prospects for years and it looks like he just needed a new home with less pressure. Absolute pickup.

Anibal Sanchez – 34% of Y! Leagues
7 IP / 1 W / 8 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.86 WHIP
Anibal the Animal has put together 6 quality starts in a row without giving up more than 2 runs. His past two starts have given him 2 wins and 15Ks. Injuries have plagued Sanchez for the past 3 years but it looks like he’s trying to get back to those 2006 numbers.

Octavio Dotel– 55% of Y! Leagues
3 IP / 1 W / 2 SV/ 3 K / 0.00 ERA / 1.00 WHIP
Dotel started off the season about as bad as any reliever could but since has rolled out 9 solid games. Of those 9, he’s given up 1 run and converted 7 for saves and 1 win. Looks like the closer job is locked for the moment.

John Ely – 18% of Y! Leagues
13 IP / 2 W / 11 K / 2.77 ERA / 1.08 WHIP
Ely has surprised everyone with his consistent play since replacing Charlie Haeger. Not sure if there is enough raw talent there to keep this going all season but he sure is making a case. 3 wins in a row, 2 runs each game, 17Ks. Definitely worth a shot if you have the extra roster spot.

Zach Duke – 6% of Y! Leagues
13 IP / 1 W / 10 K / 0.69 ERA / 1.15 WHIP
Duke is one of those guys who came up and looked like he had so much promise. After his rookie campaign, he’s never been the same and this year will be no different. Stay away, you’ll only get good games here and there.

Who’s gonna be legit? Think Encarnacion can keep it up?
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