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2012 Fantasy Baseball, Week 15 Sit Em/Start Em: Martin Prado Gets The Nod


Martin Prado (credits below)

Hitters To Start

Martin Prado |Atlanta Braves| (100%) – Prado has been having a great season hitting for a high average even by his standards.  This week should be a great one for Prado.  The Braves get to face 4 left-handed starting pitchers, something Prado thrives on.  The majority of his games will be at home too, something that should help pad his stats for the week.  Against lefties this year Prado is hitting 64 points higher (.363) and slugging 183 points higher (.959) than against righties.  His home splits are similar to his splits against lefties.  Whiel at home Prado has a .350 average and a .400 OBP.

Neil Walker |Pittsburgh Pirates| (98.4%) – If you're like most fantasy managers you've been noticing the slow progress that Walker has been making this season.  He's come on fire as of late.  In the last 15 games he's hitting .444 with a 1.246 OPS, 16 runs, 2 homeruns, and 11 RBIs.  This week he plays 9 games, 6 of which are on the road and 2 of which are against left-handed pitching.  On the road Walker is hitting 60 points higher, a .315 average.  July is far-and-away Walker's best month of the season typically.  Walker's July batting average is .365 with a .409 OBP amazing splits considering his next best month he hits .291 with a .358 OBP (April).

Hitters To Sit

Adam Dunn |Chicago White Sox| (100%) – Dunn has proved that last year was a fluke.  But this week might warrant a trip to the bench for the Sox slugger.  In this long first week the Sox will be playing 10 games.  5 of these games are against lefties and all 10 are on the road.  Dunn is notoriously dismantled by left-handed pitching.  In 102 at-bats against left-handed pitching this year he only has 16 hits,, equating to a .157 batting average.  He can't even draw walks against lefties.  His OBP against lefties is .287.  Dunn's combined batting average against the 10 scheduled starting pitchers that he will face is below the Mendoza line.  In 72 at-bats against these pitchers Dunn is hitting .194 with only 1 homerun.

Jimmy Rollins |Philadelphia Phillies| (100%) – This week Rollins faces a similar fate that Dunn does.  He will be hit with the perfect storm of split stats that go against his performance.  This week Rollins will face 5 left-handed starters at the same time that 6 out of 9 games will be played on the road.  Against left-handed pitching this year Rollins is hitting .231 and has a pathetic OBP of .273.  He won't even get on base enough to utilize his speed.  Likewise, on the road Rollins is hitting 95 points lower than at home (.210 vs. .305) and has an OBP 101 points lower (.363 vs. .262).  One of those series on the road is at Dodger Stadium.  In 158 at-bats at Dodger Stadium, Rollins is hitting .228 with a .274 average.

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