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Back by popular demand (and by popular demand I mean two guys asking about it on Twitter), it’s the 2016 version of the fantasy football flow chart!

The idea here is that you can take the chart above into your draft and just follow a track all the way down the chart throughout your draft. The chart is designed for use in 12-team standard leagues with the following 16 roster slots: QB RB RB WR WR TE FLEX K D/ST BN BN BN BN BN BN BN.

In years prior the chart has been geared toward ESPN ADP, but I never had a complaint from a Yahoo user that the chart didn’t work on that platform. But this year I’ve designed the chart based on a mashup of ESPN and Yahoo ADP thanks to FantasyPros. There could be a guy or three mentioned as a target in a certain round that might not be available at that point on one of the platforms, but I’m positive someone else I mention as a target in that round (or even a round prior) will be available for you to select. And if you don’t draft on ESPN or Yahoo, whether that be on another site or in person with league mates, the chart will still work for you.

After you draft, feel free to leave your roster in the comments, and I’ll let you know what I think.

Before we get into the rounds and the names, let’s talk general strategy. I’m a subscriber to the whole late round QB/TE and streaming strategies. More people are on that bandwagon now than they were a few years ago, but in any league I’ve ever played in with non-experts, there are always several people, if not a majority of them, who over-value quarterbacks and sometimes tight ends. If you like to take QBs and TEs early, this flow chart isn’t for you. For those of you who hate the idea of only drafting one quarterback late in the draft, each track presents the opportunity to select a second quarterback if you’d like.

All players listed in each round are listed in the order in which I would prefer to select them compared to other players at their position. Remember, if someone listed in a previous round is still available, they’re preferable to someone listed in a later round. If you’re dense or if I’m articulating this poorly, that means anyone listed in round two who is still available in round three is preferable to anyone listed in round three.

Alright, enough preamble.


Just take a receiver in the first round. They’re so much more bankable than running backs, and there are enough stud receivers that you should be able to get a good one no matter where you pick in the first round. Here’s the order in which I like the stud receivers:

Antonio Brown, Odell BeckhamJulio Jones, A.J. Green, DeAndre Hopkins, Dez Bryant, Allen Robinson


RB: Jamaal Charles, Mark Ingram, LeSean McCoy

WR: Alshon Jeffery, Mike Evans, T.Y. Hilton


RB: Carlos Hyde, Latavius Murray, C.J. Anderson

WR: Jeremy Maclin, Randall Cobb


RB: Matt Forte, Jeremy Hill, Ryan Mathews, Jonathan Stewart


RB: Frank Gore, Dion Lewis, Giovani Bernard

WR: Michael Floyd, Donte Moncrief, John Brown


RB: Duke Johnson, Matt Jones, Melvin Gordon, Arian Foster

WR: Jordan Matthews, Allen Hurns


RB: Danny Woodhead, Rashad Jennings, Ameer Abdullah, Chris Ivory


WR: Sterling Shepard, Torrey Smith, Willie Snead


QB: Tony Romo, Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr

WR: Travis Benjamin, Corey Coleman, Stefon Diggs


QB: Derek Carr, Tyrod Taylor, Jameis Winston

WR: Vincent Jackson, Kamar Aiken, Michael Thomas


QB: Marcus Mariota, Matthew Stafford

TE: Dwayne Allen, Eric Ebron


RB: Theo Riddick, Shane Vereen, DeAndre Washington, Jerick McKinnon

TE: Jason Witten, Martellus Bennett, Zach Miller, Clive Walford

ROUND 13-14

RB: Kenneth Dixon, Devontae Booker, C.J. Prosise, Spencer Ware

WR: Phillip Dorsett, Mohamed Sanu, Mike Wallace, Pierre Garcon

ROUND 15-16

Take your kicker and defense in these last two rounds and not a single round earlier. If you take a kicker or defense before this point, I’ll find out where you live, travel there, knock on your door, and punch you in the face. As for which kicker and defense you take, I don’t really care.

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  1. Russ
    July 16, 2017 at 5:58 pm — Reply

    I’ve been using your flow charts for years. We run a Yahoo PPR league and I had seen some in previous years. Any chance of getting one for 2017 PPR? Thanks a lot!

  2. Tony
    July 30, 2017 at 7:31 am — Reply

    Will you be publishing the 2017 snake draft flow chart for fantasy football soon? My draft is August 19 and I use it every year. Most useful each year!



  3. Chad
    August 7, 2017 at 11:04 am — Reply

    Hoping you’ll do the 2017 version! I’ve used this chart every year and it really helps keep me on track during our draft day!

  4. Tom
    August 17, 2017 at 8:02 am — Reply

    This is my #1 draft tool every year. I think I would literally die – or, at least, come in last place in my league – without it.

    Are you doing one for 2017?

    I’ll do (almost) anything.

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