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Deep Sleepers: Bowl Edition

This is our final addition of deep sleepers for this season. This is an intriguing one though. The games in play here are the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl. This is particularly difficult to gauge accurately. Let’s be honest, when it comes to the Pro Bowl, it’s pretty much a guessing game. And who has the advantage? The stars rotating in and out in an exhibition with no defense or the player playing a full game for a championship? This should be an interesting DFS week.

QB Brock Osweiler, DEN DraftKings Price $3,000
This is a really deep sleeper. I believe the Super Bowl is going to get out of hand and the Panthers are going to steamroll Denver. Peyton Manning cannot lead a come from behind rally, he just doesn’t have the arm anymore. Perhaps Osweiler enters the game at half with a huge deficit and is forced to air it out for the whole second half, much like so many quarterbacks have had to all season. The Panthers are super aggressive on both sides of the ball and jump out to huge leads early. At a very cheap price, Osweiler could be an interesting but risky deep sleeper.

RB Chris Ivory, NYJ $2,000
This is less of a deep sleeper and more of a bewildered thought of “why is he so cheap?” Juwan Thompson cost $300 more than him. He probably won’t even step on the field. Ivory is a Pro Bowler facing a team that is likely playing approximately zero defense. Ivory has as good a shot as any back in Honolulu to have a big game. The pricing seems strange on this one.

WR T.Y. Hilton, IND $4,300
Hilton is the cheapest Pro Bowl wideout and the game is perfectly suited for him. There is no press coverage and teams like to throw bombs and go for big plays on a pretty much constant basis. It’s fun to do, fun to watch and limits injury risk other than a hamstring. The speedster can run down the field and make big plays, especially when no one is getting physical with him. His only issue is that he has to catch the ball. Also, today I learned that T.Y. Hilton is in the Pro Bowl, so there’s that and that’s probably why he’s so cheap. Still, make no mistake, he can run with the best of them and can thrive in a game like this.

TE Ed Dickson, CAR $1,900
Dickson has been a contributor in Carolina this season. The Panthers biggest issue is going to be that the Broncos’ corners are a mismatch for the Panthers wide receivers. The Broncos’ defensive will force you to attack the middle of the field and go much deeper into your progressions. Dickson may not only be an option, but a necessity. Don’t be shocked if he sees and uptick in targets and maybe even pulls down a touchdown pass. The tight ends will be key for the Panthers and you have to believe the Broncos are going to do everything in their power to focus on slowing Greg Olsen down. Dickson could be a really solid deep sleeper.

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