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Fonzy Scheme: Contemplating Keepers

Here is a sneak peek into one of my big leagues.

Is it too early to contemplate keeper options? Never, especially with my league’s trade deadline looming.

What it looks like: 12 team, 5 x 5, head to head, very competitive.

The dilemma: I can keep any 2 players based on the previous year’s draft position.

Example: If I drafted Justin Upton in the 14th round this year, I can keep him in the 13th round next year.

Other rules: No two players may be kept in the same round. All FA pick-ups are 15th round picks.  Any players acquired via trade may be kept based on when their original owner drafted him. Players may be kept for 3 years max. We call this a “Value Keeper” League.

The candidates:

Tim Lincecum (He would be an 8th round pick next year)
Andre Ethier    (He would be a 10th round pick next year)

Justin Upton    (He would be a 13th round pick next year)

Chris Davis        (He would be a 14th round pick next year)

Coming into this season I kept Lincecum in the 9th and Davis in the 15th.

My Fix: Tiny Tim is a lock. I will be keeping him again. Davis is a lock, NOT TO BE KEPT! Very disappointing so far. However, I seem to have a dilemma choosing between Ethier & Upton. Both players are young, productive and would prove to be a great value in next year’s draft.

Currently in 4th place, I may try to ship either Upton or Ethier, to a team who would want to keep them next year, for a player or two that can help me win the money this year! Am I losing my mind?

Just like a real GM, you should never stop looking at possible moves to guarantee a win this year, or put yourself in a better position next year. Keep your eye on the waiver wire and on the trading block and be sure to “Scheme” your way to the top!

What are your thoughts?
Who would you keep if you were me?
Who might you keep for next year?
Click the comment link at the top of this article to discuss.

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