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Fonzy Scheme: Scheming for Relief

You, like many others have probably invested a high round draft pick on a name like Jonathan Papelbon, Joe Nathan, Brad Lidge, Mariano Rivera or KROD. Now, after the first month of baseball, you’re asking yourself “Why did I pay for saves?” No need to worry, just fix the problem.

While the middle reliever isn’t the sexiest name on your roster, he does carry five category potential. You may be rewarded when he has the opportunity to pick up the scab win or he gets the save chance when the tabbed closer is given the night off. Additionally, he will maintain a humble ERA and WHIP while posting a first-class K:BB ratio. Lastly, the reliever you are looking to add could be the handcuff to your current closer for insurance purposes.

What do these names have in common? Jonathan Broxton, Heath Bell, Ryan Franklin, Frank Francisco, Scott Downs. All of them are middle relief alumni who are off to stellar starts this season and probably cost their owners next to nothing.

Now, here is a short list of middle relievers who are currently posting stellar 4-5 category numbers. Consider them, they will stabalize your pitching staff and bring you fantasy fame.

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