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Gettin’ The Call: Carlos Santana


Carlos Santana


Word on the street is (via Cleveland Plain Dealer) that the Indians may call up ELITE Catching prospect Carlos Santana before the All Star break.   He has spent the entire 2010 season playing for the AAA Columbus Clippers of the International League.  Last season, he played at the AA level in the Eastern League for the Akron Aeros, and started in the AA – All Star Game.  Here’s what you need to know about how good he is:

(AA) Akron (2009) :  130 Gms – 428 ABs – 91 Runs – 23 HRs(30-2B/2-3B) – 97 RBIs  – 90 Walks – .290 AVG
 (3A) Columbus (2010): 56 Gms – 192 ABs – 36 Runs – 12 HRs(12-2B/1-3B) – 48 RBIs – 44 Walks – .307 AVG

This is important to know on so many levels.  He will immediately be an impact hitter at an offensively scarce position.  In keeper leagues you will be able to lock him up at a very low price, or just steal him off of the free agent/waiver wire.  Remember about 3 weeks ago when all of the hype was about Buster Posey Catcher for the SF Giants.  Everyone jumped on him because it is so difficult to get such talented youth at the Catcher position.  Let’s put this into perspective how good Santana is:

Buster Posey (skipped AA level)

(A) San Jose  (2009) :  80 Gms – 291 ABs – 63 Runs – 13 HRs(23-2B/0-3B) – 58 RBIs  – 45 Walks – .326 AVG
 (3A) Fresno (2009) :  35 Gms – 121 ABs – 21 Runs – 5 HRs(8-2B/1-3B) – 22 RBIs  – 17 Walks – .321 AVG
 (3A) Fresno  (2010) :  47 Gms – 172 ABs – 31 Runs – 6 HRs(13-2B/2-3B) – 32 RBIs  – 28 Walks – .349 AVG

From a production standpoint Carlos Santana looks like he should produce across more categories than Posey because he has considerably more power.  Posey has not disappointed since his call up, batting .444 in 45 ABs, but only has 1 HR & 4 2Bs.  Look for Carlos to eclipse Posey’s statistics by year’s end.  Keep your eyes peeled for the news of the impending call up and grab him IMMEDIATELY!!!!! 

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