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Whether you’re in a H2H league or Rotisserie, it has reached that point of the season where you can really take a step back and take stock of what you have.  In most cases it will be obvious where you are excelling and where your weaknesses lie.  If you are not sure, look on the hosting site of your league for a records section.  It will have your season’s standings, and your cumulative yearly statistics.  This is where you can compare your squad against your competitors, and gauge the areas in which you need to improve.

 Wherever your team ranks against the rest of the league, keep in mind the fantasy regular season is only half over (74 games to be exact).  By using the information you have in front of you, it is easy to make small yet winning improvements.  It can sometimes feel like you want to trade or cut your entire team, but that is a failing strategy.  Similar to flying a plane, small corrections are necessary to reaching your goals, and championship destination.

 What I’ve done is compiled a list of players that have gone unnoticed, but can and will, improve individual statistical categories.

 Strike Outs

Jorge De La Rosa, COL, SP:  Ranked 18th in MLB in K’s.  In 81.1 IP 87 K’s and 4 Wins.

 THE FIX:  You can’t ignore the Strike Outs.  His ERA is a little high, but an extra ER or 2 a week is worth the risk for getting this many K’s.  Plus, with how the Rockies have been playing you can expect his Wins to go up considerably.  

Joe Blanton, PHI, SP: Ranked 31st in MLB in K’s. In 83.2 IP 77K’s and 4 Wins.

 THE FIX:  He has 1 K less then CC Sabathia in 25.1 less IP.  Pitching for the World Champs has its rewards.  Throwing in front of that star studded lineup will only help pile up the Wins, even though his run support has been limited thus far.

Stolen Bases

 Nyjer Morgan, PIT, OF:  Ranked 7th in MLB in SB’s.  Included are a respectable .270 BA, and 39 Runs.

THE FIX:  The departure of Nate McClouth has increased his importance to the team.  Unfortunately, he is batting behind super rookie Andrew McCutchen, so it does limit his SBs a bit.  Keep your eyes and ears open for a potential trade.  Teams looking to get him want his speed at the top of their lineups.  This will really boost his value further.


Emilio Bonifacio, FLA, 3B: Ranked 29th in the NL in Runs.  His 40 Runs + 15 SBs have put him back on the radar.

THE FIX:  One of the hottest players picked up in early April looks to be heating up again.  My prediction is he won’t fizzle out like he did the last time. Young players tend to go through droughts, but if they are finally able match their skills, to experience, and confidence, stars are born.  Florida loves to run, so expect him to be in scoring position a lot for their big bats (Cantu, Ramirez, & Uggla)


 Kevin Kouzmanoff, SD, 3B: Ranked 64th in MLB in RBI’s.  40 RBI’s (1 more than Wright, Sizemore, Holliday, and tied with Beltran, Kemp & Bruce)

THE FIX:  Kouz won’t really help or hurt too many categories, but he can drive in runs.  For a quick pick me up, plug him into your UTL role for a few weeks, and the results will surprise you.

Home Runs Cody Ross, FLA, OF:  Ranked 42nd in MLB in HR’s. 13 HR’s have him 1 behind Either, VicMart, Mauer, and J Upton.  Not bad company there. THE FIX: Cody is on pace for 30 Home Runs. Really?  If you need some pop he’s your guy.


Jack Cust, OAK, DH: Ranked 42nd(TIE) in MLB in HR’s. 13 HRs.

Zach Duke, PIT, SP: Ranked 10th(TIE) in MLB in Wins. 8 Wins + 3.09 ERA.

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