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The “Generation K” Curse.


Generation K

Flashback to the early 90’s. I was twelve.

Mets Fan: “Generation K is going to rival and overcome the Braves pitching staff”
Me: “Who?!?”
Mets Fan: “You know, Bill Pulsipher, Paul Wilson & Jason Isringhausen?”
Me: “Generation Who? Better than Maddux, Glavine, Avery & Smoltz?” 
Mets Fan: “Guaranteed”
Me: “Ha! You’re sniffing way too many markers”

Flash forward to this week.

Same Mets Fan via Text: “You better grab Ike Davis”

Me: “Remember when you told me about Generation K?”
Same Mets Fan via Text: “Ha, yea, forgot about that!”
Me: “I didn’t! Are you back on the markers?”

 It’s not that I don’t believe in Ike, or the Mets fan. Davis is a top rated prospect and his numbers at Buffalo have been phenomenal.  I mean, close to 5,000 Yahoo! league owners have added him since I started writing this article alone. However, I’m not ready to use my #2 waiver priority and a transaction (we get 40/season) to acquire him. Once he clears waivers, proves that he can hit pitches other than a fastball, and is found not to be cursed like “Generation K” was, I will consider him. Note: This is based on my team’s needs. I will be keeping Tim Lincecum and Justin Upton again in 2011, so I’m not necessarily looking in the market for a potential keeper. Additionally, I have 1b locked up with MCab and Justin Morneau. Davis would probably have to ride the pine.

Other potential prospects to get called up before the ASB:

Justin Smoak- 2% owned- He’s straight raking right now in OKC. Chris Davis is striking his way out of the Rangers lineup.
Carlos Santana- 4% Owned – Batting .364 with 4 HR, 14 RBI and a 1.178 OPS in 13 games. He’s the future.

Stephen Strasburg- 68% owned. Cruising through the minors. Get him now, while you can.
Ardolis Chapman-  30% owned. Holding his own in Louisville.  Give it a whirl.

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