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Daily Fantasy Hockey Strategy: April 7, 2016

Welcome to The Fantasy Fix daily fantasy hockey strategy. Below you will find rankings and projections for tonight’s NHL action. Building a winning lineup isn’t easy, so we’ll do our best to guide you in the right direction and help you win some serious cash. With that, let’s take a look at some matchups you should be targeting tonight.

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As always, make sure to check out LeftWingLock for goalie confirmations.

All shot attempt numbers discussed are at even strength and score-adjusted unless otherwise noted.

Teams To Target

Philadelphia Flyers V. Toronto Maple Leafs

Both teams played yesterday, but Toronto was a no-show in their game against Columbus, while the Flyers lost a crucial game to the Detroit Red Wings. If the Flyers want to continue to play hockey in April, they’re going to need to win this game. Yes—it’s a must win game for Philadelphia, so expect them to come out hungry, desperate and full of fight.

The Flyers top line is the line most people will choose to target, and for good reason. They’ve been the team’s best line over the last couple of weeks and Toronto will have their hands full trying to slow them down. Claude Giroux and Wayne Simmonds are the mini-stack to go with, but Brayden Schenn is a bit more affordable, so Giroux with either winger is fine with me. The trio can be used in GPPs, but their ownership will be quite high.

Defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere has been unstoppable since his call up earlier this year. The rookie doesn’t have an exceptionally great price on DK, but on FD, you could say he’s almost a must play for cash games. If you want to go full Flyers stack, throw Gostisbehere in with the top line and call it a night.

With this game being so important for the Flyers, there’s a pretty good chance that Steve Mason gets the start again tonight. The Leafs aren’t exactly a powerhouse offense, so even on back-to-back nights, Mason is a safe option to roll with.

Nashville Predators V. Arizona Coyotes

The Coyotes got destroyed on Thursday night on the road in Chicago, and there’s a pretty good chance they take a beating tonight at the hands of the Nashville Predators. The Preds have no trouble scoring goals at home (2.91 GF/60), while the Coyotes allow the most goals against per game on the road (2.90 GA/60). It’s a complete mismatch on paper, so make sure to have some exposure to this game or face the consequences.

When it comes to picking which Nashville line to go with, it can be quite a headache. In a perfect world, James Neal and Filip Forsberg would both play together on the time line with Ryan Johansen, but that isn’t the case. Depending on which site you play on, you may need to get creative while fitting certain players in.

There’s an excellent chance that the Preds top line will match up with the Coyotes top line, so Nashville’s second line would be the line to go with. By going with the second line, you also get the added benefit of playing either Shea Weber or Roman Josi, as both defenseman play on the top power play unit. Forsberg and Craig Smith are the mini-stack to roll with on DK because of how affordable both players are, but on FD, Neal and Johansen are the better options.

The edge definitely goes to the Preds second line, but don’t be afraid to mix and match lines to get even more exposure. There will certainly be enough goals to go around.

Pekka Rinne has had an up and down season to say the least, but he’s had no problem winning games at home.

Home 21-9-5 2.30 .913 4
Away 12-12-5 2.81 .900 0

(Courtesy of

The splits are enormous, which probably explains why Rinne is a tad underpriced on FD. There’s a possibility that Rinne has a poor outing, but looking at these numbers, I’m confident with using him in all my cash game lineups.

Dallas Stars V. Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche put up a good fight, but in the end, it was too little too late. With Minnesota officially locking up the final Western Conference playoff spot, there will be no more playing hockey in Colorado this year. What better way to celebrate their elimination than by taking on the Dallas Stars on the road. The Stars have had no problem scoring goals all season, and with the Avalanche having nothing to play for, things could get ugly really quick. Heading into tonight, Dallas and St. Louis are tied for top spot in the Central Division with 105 points. The Blues are in Chicago to take on the Blackhawks, so this game means something for the Stars.

Dallas’ top line is the line to go with for those of you stacking the Stars. Jamie Benn, Patrick Sharp and Cody Eakin should have no problem dominating the Avalanche in terms of puck possession and goals. Eakin doesn’t join his fellow line mates on the top power play unit, so Benn/Sharp would be the mini-stack to go with. It’s an expensive option to consider, but both players love to take shots and are a scoring threat every time they hit the ice. John Klingberg joins Benn and Sharp on the top power play unit, so if you want to go full Dallas, all four players are worth a stack.

Other Options to Consider:

Carolina Hurricanes V. Montreal Canadiens: Charlie Lindgren will make his NHL debut tonight for the Habs, which makes Carolina a value team to stack. The 22-year-old rookie had an excellent season in college—posting a 30-9-1 record with five shutouts, but the NHL is a whole other level, and with Montreal’s defense being rather terrible, Carolina could put a few in the net by the end of the night. Jeff Skinner is an obvious choice in this matchup, while Riley Nash and Noah Hanifin are good value plays to consider.

San Jose Sharks V. Winnipeg Jets: The Sharks are a hard team to trust at home, but the Jets are not very good on the road. The Sharks could probably score five goals in this game, or lose 3-1. Brent Burns is always a good play, but it’s going to be a challenge to fit his price tag into most lineups. The Sharks second line of Logan Couture and Patrick Marleau is a mini-stack option to consider, but on DK they are both listed at C, so they are only an option on FD.

Florida Panthers V. Ottawa Senators: The Sens and Panthers both have nothing left to play for, so this game could end up being a wild card. It’s hard to predict how teams will play when there’s nothing left to play for, so it’s best to just avoid this game all together. However, the Panthers top line could do some serious damage against a Senators’ team that allows a ton of shots. Aleksander Barkov and Jaromir Jagr are two players to stack or use separately, depending on what your needs are. Assuming Roberto Luongo gets the starts, he instantly becomes an option for GPP lineups.

Player Rankings

Rankings are price sensitive



  1. Ryan Johansen—Nashville Predators–$5500
  2. Cody Eakin—Dallas Stars–$4000
  3. Logan Couture—San Jose Sharks–$6000
  4. Claude Giroux—Philadelphia Flyers–$7200
  5. Sean Monahan—Calgary Flames–$6000


  1. Jeff Skinner—Carolina Hurricanes–$5800
  2. James Neal—Nashville Predators–$6800
  3. Jaromir Jagr—Florida Panthers–$6100
  4. Jamie Benn—Dallas Stars–$8000
  5. Riley Nash—Carolina Hurricanes–$2800
  6. Brayden Schenn—Philadelphia Flyers–$5800


  1. Aaron Ekblad—Florida Panthers–$4900
  2. Noah Hanifin—Carolina Hurricanes–$3600
  3. Roman Josi—Nashville Predators–$7200
  4. Shayne Gostisbehere—Philadelphia Flyers–$6400
  5. Brent Burns—San Jose Sharks–$8500
  6. Keith Yandle—New York Rangers–$5100


  1. Ben Bishop—Tampa Bay Lightning–$8200
  2. Pekka Rinne—Nashville Predators–$8000
  3. Steve Mason—Philadelphia Flyers–$8000
  4. Martin Jones—San Jose Sharks–$7200
  5. Roberto Luongo—Florida Panthers–$8300



  1. Cody Eakin—Dallas Stars–$4000
  2. Patrick Marleau—San Jose Sharks–$5000
  3. Claude Giroux—Philadelphia Flyers–$7800
  4. Sean Monahan—Calgary Flames–$7400
  5. Ryan Johansen—Nashville Predators–$6600
  6. Aleksander Barkov—Florida Panthers–$7400


 Right Wing

  1. James Neal—Nashville Predators–$7200
  2. Patrick Sharp—Dallas Stars–$5700
  3. Wayne Simmonds—Philadelphia Flyers–$7900
  4. Jaromir Jagr—Florida Panthers–$6500
  5. Riley Nash—Carolina Hurricanes–$3600

Left Wing

  1. Eric Staal—New York Rangers–$5000
  2. Calle Jarnkrok—Nashville Predators–$3900
  3. Jeff Skinner—Carolina Hurricanes–$6600
  4. Jamie Benn—Dallas Stars–$8100
  5. Filip Forsberg—Nashville Predators–$8300


  1. Shayne Gostisbehere—Philadelphia Flyers–$5100
  2. Aaron Ekblad—Florida Panthers–$4800
  3. Noah Hanifin—Carolina Hurricanes–$3000
  4. Roman Josi—Nashville Predators–$5600
  5. John Klingberg—Dallas Stars–$5700
  6. Brent Burns—San Jose Sharks–$7900


  1. Ben Bishop—Tampa Bay Lightning–$9700
  2. Pekka Rinne—Nashville Predators–$8300
  3. Martin Jones—San Jose Sharks–$8900
  4. Steve Mason—Philadelphia Flyers–$8600
  5. Roberto Luongo—Florida Panthers–$9000



  1. Brayden Schenn—Philadelphia Flyers–$12,000
  2. Ryan Johansen—Nashville Predators–$11,400
  3. Cody Eakin—Dallas stars–$7900
  4. Sean Monahan—Calgary Flames–$12,500
  5. Claude Giroux—Philadelphia Flyers–$15,000
  6. Logan Couture—San Jose Sharks–$12,500


  1. Jeff Skinner—Carolina Hurricanes–$12,000
  2. Jaromir Jagr—Florida Panthers–$12,600
  3. Patrick Sharp-Dallas stars–$12,800
  4. James Neal—Nashville Predators–$14,000
  5. Wayne Simmonds—Philadelphia Flyers–$13,900
  6. Jamie Benn—Dallas Stars–$16,500


  1. Shayne Gostisbehere—Philadelphia Flyers–$13,100
  2. Roman Josi—Nashville Predators–$14,800
  3. John Klingberg—Dallas Stars–$13,000
  4. Brent Burns—San Jose Sharks–$17,400
  5. Justin Faulk—Carolina Hurricanes–$12,000
  6. Aaron Ekblad—Florida Panthers–$10,000

Team G

  1. Carolina Hurricanes–$13,900
  2. Calgary Flames–$13,900
  3. San Jose Sharks–$15,100
  4. Nashville Predators–$16,200
  5. Philadelphia Flyers–$16,200
  6. Florida Panthers–$16,900


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