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Daily Fantasy Hockey Strategy: March 10, 2015

Welcome to The Fantasy Fix daily fantasy hockey strategy. Below you will find rankings and projections for tonight’s NHL action. Building a winning lineup isn’t easy, so we’ll do our best to guide you in the right direction and help you win some serious cash. With that, let’s take a look at some matchups you should be targeting tonight.

As always, make sure to check out LeftWingLock for goalie confirmations.

All shot attempt numbers discussed are at even strength and score-adjusted unless otherwise noted.

Teams To Target

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Boston Bruins v. Carolina Hurricanes

This matchup is impossible to fade. The Bruins have been on fire recently, while the Hurricanes are already working on next season. Boston can give up their fair share of goals on home ice, but outside of Jeff Skinner, who’s going score for Carolina? Nobody knows. This matchup is an easy one; stack the Bruins.

Let’s start with Boston’s top line of Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron and Lee Stempniak. Bergeron/Marchand is the obvious mini-stack of the night. The duo is pretty much unstoppable at this point. They will cost you a pretty penny, but they always find a way to deliver.

If the top line is too expensive to roster, Boston’s third line of Loui Eriksson, David Krejci and David Pastrnak is an option to consider. Both Krejci and Eriksson play on the top power play unit, which is a huge added bonus.

If you want to make it a power play stack, Torey Krug is the quarterback on the top power play unit and is reasonable priced across all DFS platforms.

Florida Panthers v. Ottawa Senators

The Senators look like a hockey team that isn’t interested in making the playoffs. Playing Mike Hoffman on the 4th line isn’t going to help Ottawa score goals, yet head coach Dave Cameron insists on playing his best forward in the bottom six. The Panthers may not be a powerhouse team, but Ottawa gives up a ton of shots per game and Florida has two lines that can really hurt the Sens.

The Panthers’s top line of Jonathan Huberdeau, Aleksander Barkov and Jaromir Jagr will be heavily owned tonight, but the trio should be able to impose their will against Ottawa, even if the have to face Erik Karlsson most of the night. All three play together on the top power play unit, which makes this line even more appealing in cash games. Aaron Ekblad joins them on the top power play unit and is very affordable across all three sites.

In goal, Roberto Luongo is my favourite play of the night. The Montreal native is having himself another terrific season and should have no problem facing players like Scott Gomez, Nick Paul and Zack Smith, just to name a few.

Minnesota Wild v. Edmonton Oilers

Minnesota has become a different team ever since Mike Yeo was fired as head coach. Tonight, the Wild face off against the Edmonton Oilers, a team that has so many holes in their lineup, you can’t even keep count of them all.

Minnesota’s top line of Zach Parise, Mikko Koivu and Charlie Coyle should have a field day facing off against Edmonton’s new top line. Connor McDavid and Taylor Hall aren’t terrible defensive players, but the Oilers struggle to play team defense, and with this game being played in Minnesota, head coach John Torchetti will surely get his big line away from Edmonton’s top line at certain moments. With so many great center options available tonight, a mini-stack of Parise/Colye isn’t a bad idea.

On the back end, Matthew Dumba joins the top line on the top power play unit and is a cheaper alternative to captain Ryan Suter. Suter isn’t a bad play, but his price tag is just way too high for me to want to use him.

Player Rankings

 Ranking are price sensitive



  1. Sam Reinhart—Buffalo Sabres–$4300
  2. Charlie Coyle—Minnesota Wild–$4700
  3. Ryan Spooner—Boston Bruins–$4800
  4. Henrik Zetterberg—Detroit RedWings–$5400
  5. Aleksander Barkov—Florida Panthers–$6300
  6. Patrice Bergeron—Boston Bruins–$7300
  7. Jack Eichel—Buffalo Sabres–$6000
  8. Vincent Trocheck—Florida Panthers–$5000
  9. Alex Galchenyuk—Montreal Canadiens–$4900
  10. Pavel Datsyuk—Detroit RedWings–$6100


  1. Sven Andrighetto—Montreal Canadiens–$3500
  2. Justin Abdelkader—Detroit RedWings–$4800
  3. Lee Stempniak—Boston Bruins–$4400
  4. Loui Eriksson—Boston Bruins–$5300
  5. Jonathan Huberdeau—Florida Panthers–$5400
  6. Jaromir Jagr—Florida Panthers–$5400
  7. Zach Parise—Minnesota Wild–$7000
  8. Brad Marchand—Boston Bruins–$6900
  9. Evander Kane—Buffalo Sabres–$6400
  10. Taylor Hall—Edmonton Oilers–$6600


  1. Matthew Dumba—Minnesota Wild–$4500
  2. Aaron Ekblad—Florida Panthers–$4900
  3. Torey Krug—Boston Bruins–$5700
  4. Ryan Suter—Minnesota Wild–$6100
  5. Brent Burns—San Jose Sharks–$8200
  6. Rasmus Ristolainen—Buffalo Sabres–$5800
  7. Zdeno Chara—Boston Bruins–$5000


  1. Roberto Luongo—Florida Panthers–$8300
  2. Martin Jones—San Jose Sharks–$7500
  3. Devan Dubnyk—Minnesota Wild–$7500
  4. Petr Mrazek—Detroit RedWings–$7900
  5. Tuukka Rask—Boston Bruins–$8600



  1. Ryan Spooner—Boston Bruins–$4700
  2. David Krejci—Boston Bruins–$5100
  3. Alex Galchenyuk—Montreal Canadiens–$5900
  4. Aleksander Barkov—Florida Panthers–$6400
  5. Jack Eichel—Buffalo Sabres–$6100
  6. Patrice Bergeron—Boston Bruins–$8200
  7. Pavel Datsyuk—Detroit Red Wigns–$6100
  8. Connor McDavid—Edmonton Oilers–$71000


 Right Wing

  1. Sven Andrighetto—Montreal Canadiens–$3300
  2. Lee Stempniak—Boston Bruins–$4500
  3. Charlie Coyle—Minnesota Wild–$4700
  4. Sam Reinhart—Buffalo Sabres–$4700
  5. Jaromir Jagr—Florida Panthers–$5700
  6. Henrik Zetterberg—Detroit RedWings–$5700
  7. Joe Pavelski—San Jose Sharks–$8100

Left Wing

  1. Loui Eriksson—Boston Bruins–$4500
  2. Justin Abdelkader—Detroit RedWings–$4400
  3. Dylan Larkin—Detroit RedWings–$4900
  4. Jonathan Huberdeau—Florida Panthers–$6200
  5. Zach Parise—Minnesota Wild–$7300
  6. Jussi Jokinen—Florida Panthers–$6100
  7. Brad Marchand—Boston Bruins–$8500
  8. Taylor Hall—Edmonton Oilers–$6700
  9. Evander Kane—Buffalo Sabres–$6700
  10. Jeff Skinner—Carolina Hurricanes–$6500


  1. Rasmus Ristolainen—Buffalo Sabres–$3800
  2. Zdeno Chara—Boston Bruins–$4000
  3. Aaron Ekblad—Florida Panthers–$4400
  4. Matthew Dumba—Minnesota Wild–$4500
  5. Torey Krug—Boston Bruins–$5900
  6. Ryan Suter—Minnesota Wild–$5000
  7. Mike Green—Detroit RedWings–$4600
  8. P.K. Subban—Montreal Canandiens–$5800


  1. Roberto Luongo—Florida Panthers–$8500
  2. Devan Dubnyk—Minnesota Wild–$7800
  3. Petr Mrazek—Detroit RedWings–$8500
  4. Martin Jones—San Jose Sharks–$9100
  5. Tuukka Rask—Boston Bruins–$9200

Fantasy Draft


  1. Sam Reinhart—Buffalo Sabres–$8500
  2. Charlie Coyle—Minnesota Wild–$9300
  3. Ryan Spooner—Boston Bruins–$9800
  4. Henrik Zetterberg—Detroit RedWings–$11,100
  5. Alex Galchenyuk—Montreal Canadiens–$10,300
  6. Aleksander Barkov—Florida Panthers–$13,100
  7. Jack Eichel—Buffalo SAbres–$12,500
  8. Patrice Bergeron—Boston Bruins–$15,100
  9. Pavel Datsyuk—Detroit RedWings–$12,600
  10. Jussi Jokinen—Florida Panthers–$10,700


  1. Sven Andrighetto—Montreal Canadiens–$7100
  2. Lee Stempniak—Boston Bruins–$8900
  3. Loui Eriksson—Boston Bruins–$11,000
  4. Jaromir Jagr—Florida Panthers–$11,100
  5. Jonathan Huberdeau—Florida Panthers–$11,100
  6. Zach Parise—Minnesota Wild–$14,600
  7. Brad Marchand—Boston Bruins–$14,300
  8. Jeff Skinner—Carolina Hurricanes–$11,400
  9. Justin Abdelkader—Detroit RedWings–$9900
  10. Taylor Hall—Edmonton Oilers–$13,600


  1. Matthew Dumba—Minnesota Wild–$9100
  2. Noah Hanifin—Carolina Hurricanes–$7200
  3. Aaron Ekblad—Florida Panthers–$10,000
  4. Torey Krug—Boston Bruins–$11,600
  5. Ryan Suter—Minnesota Wild–$12,400
  6. P.K. Subban—Montreal Canadiens–$12,700
  7. Mike Green—Detroit RedWings–$10,100
  8. Brent Burns—San Jose Sharks–$16,800

Team G

  1. Minnesota Wild–$15,200
  2. San Jose Sharks–$15,200
  3. Florida Panthers–$16,900
  4. Detroit RedWings–$16,100
  5. Boston Bruins–$17,500



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