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Just Because It’s The Offseason…

This is almost like checking in fantasy hockey fans. However, all kidding aside, we are here for all your dynasty and season long needs. Yes, even in the summer, we are raring to go. That may be from a beach occasionally or on vacation but one gets the message.

Questions have been pouring in already and in the next few weeks, we will be looking at the following.

  • Injuries
  • Buyout Window
  • NHL Draft
  • Trades
  • NHL Free Agenr Frenzy
  • Arbitration

The last three are most significant now. No one really expects too many significant buyouts. However, draft day trades for rights and more is quite possible. Reality dictates that we are all waiting for the cap number which comes out on June 22nd. Depending on if the 5% escalator is approved may dictate even more moves. As it is, quite a few teams face a slippery slope and some are trying to skirt the salary floor as well. The many benefit from an approval while only maybe two or three benefit from a denial. Most players in the NHLPA typically go escalator despite the eventual escrow knock back.

In salary cap fantasy leagues, players are circling Wednesday on their calendar. Already, there are trade proposals galore in several of these leagues that I am in. Teams with cap leverage are trying to exploit heavily now but that may change a bit if the cap inches up even a whisker. Some GM’s are unfortunately in a hole no matter what. Hey, the Chicago’s of the world exist in fantasy. It happens to all of us.

The draft realistically is great for leagues with prospect slots. Admittedly, being a major vulture during this time is okay. One is looking for maybe one top tier prospect then tons of fishing. That next Pavel Datsyuk or Henrik Lundqvist may be right around the corner. Check your rules this time of year for any and every loophole or possibility. It can save a person so many headaches in season.

Then there are the trades for rights and the inevitable free agent frenzy. After Steven Stamkos, the pickings are a bit slim but opportunities for teams exist so always watch who winds up going where. Trades may be a bigger surprise this off-season. Notice we said might err may.

Our biggest tool is social media this time of year. On the other hand, please keep in mind one fundamental construct. It is this.

Be wary of fake hockey Twitter accounts…

This cannot and will not be emphasized enough because there are always those that get hooked in. Even those with the blue check mark have been known to be suckered in by an account that looks too good to be true. It is why the period from about June 24th – July 8th is two weeks of pure intrigue and chaos. There are calm periods but when everything hits, it hits.

Here at The Fantasy Fix, we will keep you covered throughout the hottest months of the year. After all, even the off-season heats up some. Doesn’t it? Thanks for reading!


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