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  1. Alan Harrison added a topic in MLB Forum   

    Leagues/Managers Wanted - Open Thread
    Throughout the preseason many folks ask me if I know of any available leagues or potential managers to fill spot in their leagues. 
    Let's keep this thread open/available to do that.
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  2. Alan Harrison added a topic in MLB Forum   

    2017 Fantasy Baseball Keeper Questions
    I'll be answering any and all fantasy baseball keeper questions for the upcoming 2017 MLB season. Please be sure to include any and all necessary information regarding your team/league settings that could help me make a better judgement on your situation. 
    How many days until pitchers and catchers?
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  3. Alan Harrison added a topic in DraftKings   

    NBA Fantasy Updates From DraftKings
    This morning, DraftKings sent out this message to users indicating some changes to their NBA game for the upcoming season:
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  4. Alan Harrison added a topic in NFL Forum   

    '16 Week 3 Sit/Start Thread
    We'll be using this thread to answer your sit/start questions between now and Sunday. Sunday morning we'll hop on the Twitter machine to do some rapid responses about two hours before game time. 
    Have at it!
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  5. Alan Harrison added a post in a topic Top 200 Dynasty Rankings   

    Here are Sam's updated Fantasy Basketball Rankings. 250+ players!
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  6. Alan Harrison added a topic in NBA Forum   

    2016 Fantasy Basketball Cheat Sheet
    Sam (@Macetastic) has done it again. 
    Here's an excerpt of his article describing what he calls the $5 Fix (cheat sheet):
    Jump directly to the article here.

    I’ll cut right to the point.
    If you want every useful NBA statistic and ranking to prepare for your draft, then this is the cheat-sheet for you.
    I’m the first to admit the information packed into this tidy little package can be found, for free, in various places using various sourcing methods.
    But you won’t find ALL of it in one place, except for here.
    With every player’s stat just open a new tab and copy/paste your pick as the draft goes, tracking your stats so you know what stats you need. Much easier in offline I admit! The FGM, FGA, FTM, FTA stats are always useful as they help paint an actual representation of your team’s outlook. Yes, if you take DeAndre Jordan you still won’t reach 80% from the line even if you pair him with Kevin Durant, James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, Danilo Gallinari, Russell Westbrook AND Carmelo Anthony (a combined 43.1 out of 54.4, 79.1%).
    It’ll work in Excel and Sheets, I’ve taken the ugly hairy stuff out from the back and it comes in a weeny little file of less than 700kb, perfect to save on your phone, computer or tablet.
    Here’s a preview of the main page, also showing all the tabs containing the other statistical goodies.
    Head to the bottom of this page for the downloadable link.

    All this for only $5. You don’t need those cheeseburgers, they won’t tell you to draft Nikola Jokic instead of Nikola Vucevic.
    This spreadsheet isn’t machine washable and it won’t mow your lawn with the flick of a switch, but it will help you in your fantasy draft this season.
    As always I can be reached on Twitter here (@macetastic) and I love getting feedback and questions (about fantasy mainly, though if you like rugby or league I’ll gladly talk you to sleep).
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  7. Alan Harrison added a topic in MLB Forum   

    RotoQL - Importing Your Own Projections
    RotoQL is one of the finest resources for daily fantasy sports players to surfaces since the inception of the game. Many players develop their own algorithms/projections that assist them in building lineups. If you don't, that's fine too. RotoQL supplies users with a handful of projections from reputable sites like Baseball Prospectus and Razzball that help guide lineup construction, but if you'd like to use the RotoQL tools with your projections, you can import them from the Projections tab.
    Prior to the tutorial, if you'd like to take RotoQL for a test drive, please use this link to sign up for a free account. If you like what you see, invest. If you invest, let me know and I'll also give you access to our premium content here at
    Go to Projections -> Upload my own projections.

    Instructions provided within the application: 

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  8. Mark Morales-Smith added a post in a topic NFL Draft   

    Smith might fall to the fifth round
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  9. Mike Valverde added a post in a topic NFL Draft   

    Hoping Smith falls to the Colts
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  10. Mike Valverde added a post in a topic NFL Draft   

    1.Tennessee Titans 3-13
    2.Cleveland Browns 3-13
    3.San Diego Chargers 4-12
    4.Dallas Cowboys 4-12
    5.Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11
    6.Baltimore Ravens 5-11
    7.San Francisco 49ers 5-11
    8.Philadelphia Eagles 7-9
    9.Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-10
    10.New York Giants 6-10
    11.Chicago Bears 6-10
    12.New Orleans Saints 7-9
    13.Miami Dolphins 6-10
    14.Oakland Raiders 7-9
    15.Los Angeles Rams 7-9
    16.Detroit Lions 7-9
    17.Atlanta Falcons 8-8
    18.Indianapolis Colts 8-8
    19.Buffalo Bills 8-8
    20.New York Jets 10-6
    21.Washington Redskins 9-7
    22.Houston Texans 9-7
    23.Minnesota Vikings 11-5
    24.Cincinnati Bengals 12-4
    25.Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6
    26.Seattle Seahawks10-6
    27.Green Bay Packers 10-6
    28.Kansas City Chiefs 11-5
    29.Arizona Cardinals 13-3
    30.Carolina Panthers 15-1
    31.Denver Broncos 12-4
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  11. GangGreeny added a post in a topic Re-Ranking the 2014 Rookie WRs Class   

    While I would like to call you an idiot, my list is pretty similar haha. Hell of a class
    1. Odell Beckham
    2. Allen Robinson
    3. Jarvis Landry
    4. Mike Evans
    5. Brandin Cooks
    6. Sammy Watkins
    7. Kelvin Benjamin
    8. Martavias Bryant
    9 Jordan Matthews
    10. John Brown
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  12. Sam Macey added a post in a topic Top 200 Dynasty Rankings   

    Thanks man - appreciate it.
    I'm in so many dynasty leagues (3 currently) and noticed there aren't really any out there either, apart from ones either at the start or end of the season.
    I'll see what I can do, I might try and do one when I get home but it'll depend on timing. I'm a stickler for detail though so with rankings comes comments, which are the parts that take AGES...
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  13. foltzie added a post in a topic Top 200 Dynasty Rankings   

    Appreciate the response, and best of luck in your move Sam. I'll hope to see them again next season.
    Just for what it's worth, this is the only website I have found that had month updated dynasty rankings. And as I said, having gotten back into NBA fantasy for the first time in years, and being a dynasty league to boot, your rankings were very helpful. So thank you for the ones you did produce.
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  14. Sam Macey added a post in a topic Top 200 Dynasty Rankings   

    Hey mate - yeah I write these usually but unfortunately (kind of!) I'm preparing to move back to New Zealand after 3 years in London. Haven't had many spare hours lately as the planning/sorting itinerary etc is a nightmare and my wife and I leave in about a month's time. 
    They might return next season but I don't have the time right now unfortunately. Zack or another writer might be able to put some dynasty content out, but the rankings are a baby that cries/poops/screams each and every night, which is why I basically concentrated on them and not other articles.
    If there's more of a demand for dynasty related content then I'm sure the team will look at cranking some more pieces out, including the rankings (maybe not 200).
    ps - if you've got any specific players etc that you want to discuss, chuck them in here and we can give you detailed responses if that helps?
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  15. foltzie added a topic in NBA Forum   

    Top 200 Dynasty Rankings
    The last Dynasty ranking came out January 28th. Is there a new one in the works? They have been very helpful for me since I took over my first NBA dynasty league in December.
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  16. FantasyChamp added a post in a topic new to the site   

    LOL Sounds good!
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  17. FantasyChamp added a post in a topic Re-Ranking the 2014 Rookie WRs Class   

    1 Beckham
    2 Evans
    3 Benjamin
    4 Robinson
    5 Landry
    6 Bryant
    7 Watkins
    8 Matthews
    9 Brown
    10 Cooks
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  18. Mark Morales-Smith added a post in a topic Getting to Know   

    I agree. More roster spots. Different prices. A little bit easier money too.
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  19. Mark Morales-Smith added a topic in NFL Forum   

    Re-Ranking the 2014 Rookie WRs Class
    Hopefully you've read my article and see my pre-draft rankings as well. But here is how I currently rank the 2014 wide receivers class. Am I genius or an idiot? I'd love to hear your take and please make your own list. Have fun!
    1. Odell Beckham, NYG
    2. Allen Robinson, JAX
    3. Jarvis Landry, MIA
    4. Kelvin Benjamin, CAR
    5. Mike Evans, TB
    6. Martavis Bryant, PIT
    7. Brandin Cooks, NO
    8. Sammy Watkins, BUF
    9. Jordan Matthews, PHI
    10. John Brown, AZ
    Other wideouts not ranked: Davante Adams, Donte Moncrief, Marqise Lee, Cody Latimer, Josh Huff, Paul Richardson
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  20. Alan Harrison added a post in a topic 2016 Fantasy Baseball Keeper Questions   

    Agree with your first three choices -- especially Santana at $1. I'd likely grab Murphy at $13, but if your concerned about the lack of closer depth in the NL/others keeping closers, I can see keeping Smith or Vizcaino. I prefer Vizcaino, but both team's roles seem to be up in the air as of now. 
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  21. Alan Harrison added a topic in MLB Forum   

    Job Opening: Fantasy Baseball Writer
    Are you an experienced writer looking to pad your resume? Or are you currently looking to break into the fantasy sports writing industry? If either of those are you, you may be interested in an opening we currently have at
    We're looking for an experienced writer that also has experience in season-long and daily fantasy sports. In this case, the candidate will have a wealth of baseball knowledge and be familiar with most of the advanced statistics around the game.
    The candidate should be available to research/publish quality content for our subscribers between 1-3 times weekly. The candidate is flexible and should communicate well with the rest of our staff, specifically Alan, Brett, Ryan and the rest of our baseball team.
    This may be a paid gig for the right candidate that meets the above qualifications. If you don't meet all of the qualifications but are still looking to land a gig to gain experience, feel free to apply as well.
    Please send me an email here with the following information and sell me on why you're the best candidate for the job:
    Name, writing experience, season-long/daily fantasy baseball experience/successes and twitter handle.
    We look forward to hearing from you,
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  22. Alan Harrison added a post in a topic Getting to Know   

    I'm a big fan myself. Love the user experience. 
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  23. Alan Harrison added a post in a topic new to the site   

    Thanks, Chris! I'm also from New Jersey, so if you send me some Taylor Ham I'll be gladly to point you to the rankings. 
    Just kidding.
    Our 2016 ranks are not out yet. We'll start running them following the draft.
    Welcome to the Fix!
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  24. Mark Morales-Smith added a post in a topic new to the site   

    Awesome man. I actually don't do the rankings and I'm not 100% sure who does. but I'm sure they are very competent and do a fantastic job. Thanks for joining our forums. There are a ton of great experts on here!
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  25. FantasyChamp added a topic in NFL Forum   

    new to the site
    hello, my name is chris from NJ and I'm new to the fantasy fix. I love the site. I found it from following Mark Morales Smith on social media. Just wanted to introduce myself and say I love your work and will be calling on you guys for help. mark, where can I see your rankings?
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