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  1. Sam Macey added a post in a topic Top 200 Dynasty Rankings   

    Thanks man - appreciate it.
    I'm in so many dynasty leagues (3 currently) and noticed there aren't really any out there either, apart from ones either at the start or end of the season.
    I'll see what I can do, I might try and do one when I get home but it'll depend on timing. I'm a stickler for detail though so with rankings comes comments, which are the parts that take AGES...
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  2. Sam Macey added a post in a topic Top 200 Dynasty Rankings   

    Hey mate - yeah I write these usually but unfortunately (kind of!) I'm preparing to move back to New Zealand after 3 years in London. Haven't had many spare hours lately as the planning/sorting itinerary etc is a nightmare and my wife and I leave in about a month's time. 
    They might return next season but I don't have the time right now unfortunately. Zack or another writer might be able to put some dynasty content out, but the rankings are a baby that cries/poops/screams each and every night, which is why I basically concentrated on them and not other articles.
    If there's more of a demand for dynasty related content then I'm sure the team will look at cranking some more pieces out, including the rankings (maybe not 200).
    ps - if you've got any specific players etc that you want to discuss, chuck them in here and we can give you detailed responses if that helps?
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  3. Sam Macey added a post in a topic Warriors   

    My Suns are going to break it (if Bledsoe is healthy).
    There I jinxed someone...ha
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  4. Sam Macey added a post in a topic Late Round Breakout Candidates   

    Cheers mate.
    The Skiles factor is a worry for sure, but the Magic have a vested interest in playing Gordon - and Skiles will play him, even if it's off the bench behind Harris and Frye.
    Stauskas in PHI I really like too, wrote about him here. PHI will start either Canaan at the 1 or Stauskas at the 2, depending what they do with Wroten - there HAS to be spacing besides Covington at the 3. They could start both, but neither are athletic or play a lick of defence.
    Leonard's an interesting one - I like Ed Davis there as well. Actually like both of them more than Plumlee even though he'll likely get the starting nod at C which is a shame...
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