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  1. Zack Rewis added a post in a topic DFS - 11/11   

    Yeah, that's all true. Reggie is def one of my favorite PG plays tonight. What do you think about Elfrid v the awful defensive Lakers guards? I want to mix him in to have a game like Jack did v LAL but I keep bumping up to RJax or down to Ish.
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  2. Zack Rewis added a post in a topic DFS - 11/11   

    Also, with Collison and "the other" Curry out tonight, Rondo will get heavy run, but any time you think you can trust Rondo, he runs over your dog (basically).
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  3. Zack Rewis added a post in a topic DFS - 11/11   

    I tried to talk myself into the revenge game factor with LMA, but liked going either Blake or a value guy like Ryan Anderson, Hickson or Holmes more there. 
    I'm mixing in the studs as I can, going mostly with a 3 studs, 2 mid-tiers and 3 cheapies approach tonight in GPP lineups. Mostly into Harden, DMC, Griffin and George of the bunch.
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  4. Zack Rewis added a post in a topic H2H Top-200   

    Having AD and Towns locked up for 5yrs in a dynasty would be insanity, really. 
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  5. Zack Rewis added a post in a topic H2H Top-200   

    How are Oladipo and Noel not rostered if it's a dynasty league or is this the inaugural draft? Love all three of those guys, but if it's a true dynasty, I'd have Towns over the other two. I have Towns 13th in my dynasty ranks, other two are right around 18-20 though.
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  6. Zack Rewis added a topic in NBA Forum   

    Consensus Roto Ranks
    What did everyone think of our new consensus roto ranks? Any players you felt were too high or too low? 
    If you haven't already here are the Consensus Roto Rankings.
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  7. Zack Rewis added a post in a topic H2H Top-200   

    Just be sure to compare my rankings to the site you're drafting ons ranks, because you don't want to take a player WAY earlier than needed. Ex: I have Gallinari ranked real well but on Yahoo he's ranked 110th, so you could probably still land him in the 70-80 range instead of reaching at 60. 
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  8. Zack Rewis added a post in a topic H2H Top-200   

    CJ will be the 2nd gunner for the Blazers, for sure. Whether it's off the bench or starting, he'll play big minutes and get a lot of looks. DeRozan is exactly what I think Wiggins will be at least for this season, we'll see if he develops the other areas of his game unlike DeMar.
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  9. Zack Rewis added a topic in NBA Forum   

    H2H Top-200
    My H2H top-200 rankings were unveiled today, what were your first impressions? Who are you curious of why I am so high/low on?
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  10. Zack Rewis added a topic in NBA Forum   

    Yahoo ADP -- Overvalued Players
    Be sure to check out my latest piece where I analyze Yahoo's latest ADP list and point out players I believe are being overvalued.
    You can find the overvalued article here.
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  11. Zack Rewis added a post in a topic H2H Categories   

    Congrats on owning Anthony Davis in a dynasty league. That is a true basketball blessing, haha. Never ever trade him, btw.
    I believe that you should go mostly best available the first few rounds and then adjust accordingly. Just be sure to keep the keeper factor in mind, because that takes a player like Pau Gasol who I love THIS year and drops him below some others that in re-draft leagues I would have behind him, Nerlens Noel for one. You really just need to focus on not wasting any of Davis' talents. Like, don't not get more blocks thus making your team weak in a category he dominates. I'd also avoid the % killers like DeAndre, Dwight, Drummond, Whiteside, etc... Noel and Gobert are decent enough at FT% that they get a pa**.
    I will be working up my H2H rankings in the next week, so be on the look out for those.
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  12. Zack Rewis added a topic in NBA Forum   

    Yahoo ADP -- Undervalued Players
    If you haven't already, check out my latest piece analyzing the current Yahoo ADP and pointing out undervalued players.
    What do you think about the 8 players that I mentioned? Who else do you feel is currently going too late in Y! drafts?
    Here is the Y! ADP list.
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  13. Zack Rewis added a topic in NBA Forum   

    What do the people want?
    Is there anything that you want us to write-up this year that maybe we didn't last year? We have a big list of things we'll be covering over the next month before the season starts, but we're always open to suggestions on what the readers want to see. 
    Coming soon will be Yahoo ADP over and undervalued articles, H2H points league strategy, Sleepers, Bust predictions, Fix hoops staff bold predictions, Contract year guys, more mock drafts + recaps and much much more. We are going to put in mad work so that you are fully prepared for your fantasy hoops drafts.
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  14. Zack Rewis added a topic in NBA Forum   

    Late Round Breakout Candidates
    What did you guys think of Sam Macey's late round breakout candidates article? If you haven't read it yet, you can do so here. 
    I love the Aaron Gordon call. He's the perfect kind of player to take a shot on late in drafts that could easily outperform their ADP by a wide margin.
    What players are you guys looking to throw a dart at late in drafts this year??
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  15. Zack Rewis added a topic in NBA Forum   

    H2H Categories
    If you haven't already, you should check out Seth Klein's article on H2H categories strategy here. If you have any questions for us re: H2H category leagues, strategies, draft or keeper questions, feel free to ask them here.
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