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2014 Fantasy Baseball: The Daily Double Switch for August 15th

Good morning everyone! Welcome to another edition of “The Daily Double Switch!” After a short slate yesterday, we pick back up with a full night of baseball and plenty of opportunities to walk away with big bucks at DraftKings.

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A few blips will pop up on your radar tonight in St. Louis and Colorado. It doesn’t look like any “game-threatening” weather, but be aware and keep your eyes on it.

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Positional Breakdown

Starting Pitchers

It’s a lot more fun to dissect starting pitching when there is more than one no-brainer option. We’re gifted multiple pitching options tonight, and plenty of ways to attack your roster centerpieces. If you’re looking for a high upside pick, that others might not use, look to Johnny Cueto. Cueto takes the mound in Colorado tonight, which will usually scare the average player away from using a pitcher. However, with the Rockies without Carlos Gonzalez or Troy Tulowitzki, their lineup isn’t much to write home about. Sure you’ll have to pay for Cueto, and the ball flies out of Coors, but I like Cueto’s chances to dial up a gem.

If strikeouts and pure dominance are your thing, perhaps you should try Corey Kluber. If you look at Kluber’s game log, you would probably just think that they misspelled Kershaw. He’s been “Cy Young-esque” recently, and shouldn’t slow down too much tonight against the O’s. His 9.8 K/9 looks really good tonight.

Perhaps you’d like some safer options? Do not fear, Madison Bumgarner against the Phillies, Zach Wheeler against the Cubs and Cole Hamels against San Francisco all fit the mold.


My brothers got the luxury of playing against Devin Mesoraco in high school, and the anecdotes sugar coat his “super-human” strength even as a 16 year old. He’s a little bit older now, and a better baseball player than he was and has an awesome matchup tonight. Franklin Morales shouldn’t really give him any trouble as Mesoraco will take his .246 ISO and .395 wOBA into the box against left-handed guys.

First Baseman

I really lost track of Freddie Freeman this year. I sang his praises high and loud early on, and then seemed to get lost in his strangely consistent year. If you also got lost, I’ll fill you in, Freeman has been good. He’s sporting a .294 average with 16 homeruns and 64 RBI’s, all while getting on base at a .381 clip. Tonight he’ll face Jason Hammel, who has been nothing special while in the American League this year. I think Freddie has a nice time with Jason tonight (yeah, it’s Friday, I made a Freddie and Jason joke, donations can be made to my paypal).

Second Baseman

It feels sort of easy to just say, “Hey, play Jose Altuve.” I like easy, so I’m doing it. Altuve is a monster, in some sense of the word, as he stands just 65 inches off the ground. He gets a lot of hits, scores a lot of runs and steals a lot of bases. Better yet, he’s facing Clay Bucholz tonight. Don’t think too much about this one, just pay up for him.


It’s official. No longer will I be able to just type Troy Tulowitzki as he will have season ending hip surgery sometime this week. It’s a shame because Troy is awesome, and makes playing DFS so much fun when he is at home, as he would have been tonight. Since I’m forced to look elsewhere, I’ll point out to you that Jose Reyes is squaring off with Hector Noesi tonight. Reyes has been really, really good recently and has actually really salvaged his season, despite spending a lot of time on the disabled list. He isn’t the same guy he once was, but he’s still 22-24 in stole base attempts this year. He provides you with a lot of upside, don’t be afraid to use him.

Third Baseman

I’ve stretched a few times this year and recommended David Wright, and I’m going to do it again, despite him playing my beloved Cubbies. Wright is facing Travis Wood, the once all-star who cannot hit his spots to save his life, and doesn’t have an out pitch, so rarely gets anyone out. Wright comes into the game with a 13 game hitting streak, but his numbers this year have been really subpar. He’s only hit eight homeruns, three of which have come off southpaws. The good news is, despite his .275 average, Wright is hitting .393 against lefties. He’s reaching base at a .436 clip against them, he should probably get on base a few times tonight.


I typically don’t jump out of my shoes at Giancarlo Stanton unless he’s facing a lefty, but I’ve got a feeling tonight. Giancarlo gets squared up with right-hander, Trevor Cahill at home in Marlins Park. It doesn’t really matter who takes the mound against him as Stanton has hit 25 of his 31 homeruns against right-handed hurlers. For some reason, despite the space in the ballpark, he has a .325 ISO at home, and only a .214 elsewhere, while I don’t typically buy in to extreme oddity statistics, it’s fun to take a look. He’s a beast, and you’ll be rewarded greatly for playing him.

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