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2014 Fantasy Baseball: The Daily Double Switch for July 2nd

Good morning everyone. It’s another day in paradise, or hot and humid Northeastern Pennsylvania, for me at least. Another edition of “The Daily Double Switch,” coming right up!

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High humidity will bring some rain chances in New York, Baltimore and Washington. Otherwise, you’re fine and dandy today.

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Positional Breakdown

Starting Pitchers

This one seems pretty easy today, folks. There are four viable options at the top of the board, one in the early slate, three in the late slate. Johnny Cueto will be the lone wolf in the early slate. I shouldn’t have to say much about Cueto, he’s been incredible all season long and gets a nice juicy matchup with the San Diego Padres, at Petco Park. This is basically a nightmare scenario for the Padres, and I’d be surprised if they even took bats to the plate.

When the sun begins to go down, you’ll be deciding between Cole Hamels, Julio Teheran and Adam Wainwright. Hamels through seven quality innings against the Marlins in his last start, allowing three earned runs and striking out seven. He gets the same matchup tonight, and should be in play for a similar line, but don’t be surprised if it’s even better. This one is in Miami where the Marlin’s are scary good, but Hamels should have a nice chance of silencing their bats tonight.

Wainwright just keeps dealing. His WHIP is under one, his ERA hovers at 2 and he flirts with a complete game every time he toes the rubber. He’ll be pitching in a spacious ball park tonight against the Giants bats, that haven’t been that great of late. Add in the fact that Waino holds true to that 8.12 K/9 just about every start, and you’re looking at the safest option in the late set.

If you like fun and youth, you’ll roster Teheran tonight. Teheran flies a little under the radar and at times can lose some fantasy value thanks to strikeouts, but he’s been fairly consistent with K’s recently. He racked up double digit strikeouts in his last start, and you seemingly never have to worry about his ability to pitch effectively. He’ll face the hapless Mets. They aren’t good, Teheran is good, don’t think too much about this.


Yo, Dude, Jonathan Lucroy is in the MVP discussion; yes, Jonathan Lucroy, the Brewers starting catcher. He’s been awesome all season long, and he’ll continue being awesome tonight. J.A. Happ has this “Houdini-esque” quality about him that allows him to keep from destructing, but sometime it’ll happen, and perhaps it’s tonight. Lucroy feasts on left-handing pitching, so yeah, watch out J.A.

First Baseman

Sure, I know, Chris Davis has been really bad. You’re probably mad at Chris Davis for being really bad, and you probably don’t want to roster him tonight. Too bad, do it. Yes, Davis is mired in a slump, he hasn’t had a hit in a while. However, he does own a career .255 ISO against right-handed pitching, and he is still playing in a hitter friendly Camden Yards tonight. He’s probably sick of seeing Nelson Cruz hit so many homeruns, and it’s about time he unleashed all the power he has stored up in that huge neck of his.

Second Baseman

Dee-fense. Dee-fense. Dee-fense. Why the random defense cheers? I’m not sure, I was looking for a way to get the point across that I want you to play Dee Gordon. It probably worked, but you most likely like me less now than you did before you read that. Dee Gordon is really fast. Dee Gordon’s dad was Flash Gordon. Dee Gordon has been really good this year and has raised his average to .297 and his OBP to .351. He also has 40 stolen bases and probably wants to swipe 100. Let’s think about this. He gets on 3.5 times out of 10, which means he’s getting on more than one third of his at-bats. If he gets on, he’ll most likely attempt a steal. If he’s successful, he gets you lots of points. You’re welcome.

Third Baseman

Ryan Zimmerman hasn’t spent a whole lot of his career on the field, and recently not a lot of time at third base, but he’s still eligible there. He’s a great player who had an outstanding career at the University of Virginia, and yes, he’s heartbroken about their loss in the CWS. As a result, he’s going to take it out on Tyler Matzek, a left-handed pitcher for the Colorado Rockies. Zimmerman has been great against left-handed pitching his whole career, and shouldn’t have any issues tonight against Matzek. This is one of those, “I can feel it plays,” with some stats to back it up.


Am I allowed to recommend Starlin Castro? Too late, I’m doing it. Yes, I’m a Cubs homer, but look at what this guy is doing this year. He’s back to his old form, and everyone should be excited about it. He’s already hit more homeruns and driven in more runs than he did all of last year, and he’s producing when it matters. Another multi-hit performance last night and Castro faces young right-hander Brandon Workman today. This game will fall into the back half of the early slate, if you’re searching for a shortstop, he’s your guy. If you want a stat to feel better, he’s hit all 11 of his homeruns against right-handed pitching this year, yes, Workman is right-handed.


I saw a bunch of Yankees’ license plates on the way home last night, does that mean I should say something about Jacoby Ellsbury? “Something about Jacoby Ellsbury,” said it. You’re welcome, I won’t recommend him, even though he’s been pretty good recently and really all season long, despite the power de-surge.

Instead I’ll go in a different direction, down a slippery slope of deception, lies, and performance enhancing drugs. Yes, I’m looking at you, Ryan Braun. Braun is notoriously a left-handed pitching killer. Alongside, Jon-Jon Lucroy tonight, he should be pretty much money in the bank. Let me show you some of his career numbers against lefties, .341 average, .441 wOBA, .301 ISO, .408 OBP. You get the point? Play him, dumby.


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