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The Hall Fame Index Part IIwent beyond the first edition by breaking each position into tiers with the top 50 position players at each position. The idea behind that was to make it easier to compare players. After all, if someone finished with 317 index wins there is no telling

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Fantasy BaseballThe Hall of Fame Index

In continuing with the theme of the last several articles. The Hall of Fame Index demonstrates a few things clearly, but none more prominently than the fact that those that vote for the Hall of Fame don’t necessarily know a Hall of Famer when they see one. The whole notion

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The Hall of Fame IndexUncategorized

I’ve released a few Hall of Fame Index articles and hinted around the whole idea behind the index in the first place, but rather than talk in the abstract it usually more instructive to bring up a concrete example I call the “Bobby Grich test.” The old guard in the

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