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2018 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

Many of you have already had your draft. If that is the case this is still an important topic to pay attention to, Depending on the makeup of your league and the categories you have to fill, setup men and middle relievers could be an untapped resource. The idea of

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2016 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

The Baltimore Orioles did not make a ton of noise on the free agent market. At least, they did’t make a ton of noise for guys outside the organization (they re-signed Chris Davis and Darren O’Day). That changed when they signed Dexter Fowler and Yovani Gallardo this week. We’ve already

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2016 Fantasy Baseball2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft GuideFantasy Baseball

I will be the first to admit that grading out relievers is not my forte. Unfortunately, there is a huge disconnect between traditional baseball value and fantasy value. Fantasy value is dependent upon saves (and holds to a lesser extent). Saves and holds are essentially opportunity statistics. They have something

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2015 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

Welcome to The Fantasy Fix’s nightly fantasy baseball recap, where you’ll find updates on bullpen usage, lineup construction, injuries, and transactions. Whether you play season-long or daily fantasy, expect to see the best coverage from every team, every night, all season long. The final week of the MLB regular season

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