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2014 Fantasy BaseballChris Garosi

Welcome back to the Daily Fix here at the Fantasy Fix. And welcome to DraftKings. For those who aren’t yet Daily Fantasy baseball players at DraftKings head over there via this link and join. They will double your initial deposit up to $600. I’m going to focus on

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2014 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

In the Week 10 edition of fantasy baseball 3×3, we’re staying the course with Zach Britton, letting reality set in for Nelson Cruz, and blindly following Domonic Brown. There are plenty of waiver wire columns out there that provide an exhaustive list of the most added players in fantasy leagues.

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2014 Fantasy BaseballFantasy BaseballTotal Run Index

Last time, we took a look at how total run index (TRI) compares with the average draft position for catchers. Of course, what makes life harder is that the NFBC rules are not necessarily the rules you will play under. As we saw, a couple of players that likely will

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Fantasy Baseball

Giancarlo Stanton has hit the DL with a hamstring issue. To add insult to that injury, he injured his hamstring on the last of five hitless at-bats. Couldn’t have tried to leg out an infield hit in the first, Giancarlo? Jerk… I won’t pretend to know how serious the injury

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Front Office

As we noticed with the catchers, positions are rarely balanced between the leagues. One league will have the upper hand and it will change depending on the position. The National League definitely dominated the catchers, but we are going to see the reverse with first basemen. The table coming up

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2013 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

When one considers the platoon advantage, it pays to consider your roster the same as a typical general manager would. That is, you only have limited spots, so you must save your platoon bullets where they will do the most good. Therefore, the discerning fantasy player should consider the following

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