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2013 Fantasy BaseballFantasy BaseballTeam Fix

The trade season is not done. A lot of folks consider the non-waiver deadline as the end of the trade season, but with the proliferation of salaries and the extra wild card, the August 31st trade deadline comes with a lot more significance. In recent days, we’ve seen quite a

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2013 Fantasy BaseballFantasy BaseballFront Office

There is no dirtier word in sports than potential. Paul Bear Bryant once said that “potential means they ain’t done nothing yet.” That may well be true, but a fantasy baseball player ignores potential at their own peril. Admittedly, a part of potential means looking back beyond the last season,

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2013 Fantasy BaseballFantasy BaseballTotal Run Index

We’ve only been making Scott Barzilla’s Total Run Index articles available to our premium subscibers, those who have the Front Office package. But we wanted to give everyone else a peek at Scott’s work. Check it out! And sign up for the Front Office package here. One of the things

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2013 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

Second base provides its own unique opportunities for a platoon advantage. If you have been following the series you know we have a few rules of thumb that guide us throughout the draft process. If we can provide balanced good production then we avoid the platoon if we possibly can.

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