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Fantasy BaseballFix Audio

Alan Harrison (@TheFantasyFix) and co-host Todd Clark (@lunchmade) talk with Eno Sarris (@enosarris) on episode 25 to discuss some beers, baseball news and notes, injuries, recent and potential prospect call-ups, starting pitchers and some closers who could be dealt at the trade deadline giving way to new (or old) ninth-inning

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2018 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

I hate closers. Okay, that’s a little extreme, but I hate saves. The problem with saves is that they are almost completely dependent on what a team does and not what the individual does. So, forecasting closers is a bit myopic. I refuse to give into the game of forecasting

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2017 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

Relief pitchers are the bane of everyone’s existence when it comes to fantasy. The save has become the end all be all statistic everyone craves and yet the save has never been less valuable than it has now. Most teams do not even employ their most effective relief pitcher there

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2016 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

On these very pages, I lauded the acquisition of Jeremy Jeffress as just as crucial as the acquisition of Jonathan Lucroy. He has a 4.00 ERA in nine games as a Ranger, but has been used in more of a setup role than was originally anticipated. Lucroy has gone nuts

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2015 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

If you read only one thing….. The all-star game became a showcase of what is great about baseball and what is bad about baseball. On the positive end, we got a home run derby that had more drama than many in years past. Todd Frazier won the event as it

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Fantasy Baseball

For players in deeper leagues that find it useful to have a reliever with 70+ K upside or a real outside shot at saves, the below represent some of the best options out there. Rhiner Cruz, Houston Astros: To say the Astros’ pen is light on potential is an understatement.

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