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2017 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

The Moneyball movie renewed some interest in Billy Beane and the Athletics. The movie caused some cognitive dissonance due to the dated material in the book. They seemed to eschew fielding and therefore some fans were confused. The truth is that the A’s (along with other teams) have altered their

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2015 Fantasy BaseballAndrew Miller

View image | This will be a short edition of the Rookie Report due to the young state of the season and the limited number of games and appearances. Chris Heston made his second Major League start Wednesday, picking up a win over Arizona in six innings. He struck

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2015 Fantasy Baseball2015 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide

View image | The definition of a sleeper or a bust has drastically changed over the years — in fact there is much debate within the industry about the chronic use of the term “sleeper” these days. Thanks to instant access to the Internet — and instant news feeds

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