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On draft day, one of the main principles I live by is to not end up with too many injury-prone players on my squads. The thinking behind this is you want to try to minimize risk on draft day as navigating your way through a grueling 162 game schedule is

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Inside and outside the game, there has been a huge debate the last couple of seasons between Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera. Those on the traditional side favor Cabrera because he offers the triple crown categories. After all, he won the triple crown in 2012 (become the first since Carl

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The hot stove league breaks for no one. In the midst of Christmas parties and last minute Christmas shopping, the Texas Rangers gave themselves an early Christmas present by adding Shin-Soo Choo to an already potent lineup. It only cost them seven years and 130 million dollars. That comes out

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We’ve gotten ourselves pretty deep into these sneak peeks and some people are probably coming in fresh. As they say in the radio business, you have to reset your conversation every fifteen to twenty minutes because the audience often changes. It’s hard to say how often we should do this

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2013 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

Millions of people bought Moneyball and millions of others watched the movie. Many of them came away with the idea that the revolution in analytics was all about on base percentage. They were wrong. If you even generalized that to looking at offense differently you would still be wrong. The

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“Put me in coach, I’m ready to play today. Put me in coach, I’m ready to play today. Look at me I can be center field.” — John Fogerty Center field might be the premium defensive position on the diamond (along with shortstop), so the offensive numbers in center field

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The hardest lesson for the casual baseball fan to learn is that baseball free agency does not have the same impact as football and basketball free agency. Lebron James can change teams (any team) and it will shake the delicate balance of power in the NBA. Drew Brees and Peyton

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Over the next week or so we will be releasing teasers of our staff consensus rankings with the hopes that you will break the bank and purchase our 2013 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit to see the full versions, and more importantly, show us your support. Thanks in advance. Here are the outfielders

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